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Marder Series
mādā shirīzu


The Marder Series is a line of autonomous weapons created by the Holy Magic Sect to battle the forces of the Monster Realm. They were mass-produced for the sake of large-scale battles or to serve as guarding forces in human settlements. In appearance they're not humanoid like many of the mechas created by the Sect and instead of relying on legs to walk on the ground, all the units of the Marder Series floated in the air, granting them a better maneuverability, though the heights they could reach aren't particularly impressive. They wear large robes and different types use distinctive colors to differentiate their ranks based on their power. They're programmed to follow orders of the members of the Holy Sect, including Toushin and Tousho, and they operate based on basic command given to them, displaying a simple artificial intelligence since they do not have a Soul.

They're similar to the Holy Skeletal Fighting Marshal in tecnique and conduct, and they continue to carry out the last instruction given by M.M Rune to eliminate all barbarians, which was the way Rune refered to humans that didn't belong to the Sect. Since the Era of the Holy Magic Sect has long since passed and no members remain at present, units of the Marder Series are currently a threat to all mankind, and they're officially classified as Monsters by humans. They're also capable of self-reparation, and if they're destroyed in battle they will automatically activate this function and repair themselves over a period of a few days and resume their regular activities once they finish.

In battle they employ a combination of Holy Magic and physical attacks, using their long metallic limbs and their floating abilities to dash towards their opponents. They have a massive orb on their lower body, which is the source of their power. If this orb is destroyed the mecha will deactivate, leaving it effectively vulnerable to be destroyed.


  • Name: Elephant
  • Japanese: エレファント
  • Color: White
  • Appears in: Rance III
  • Real world reference: Elefant

  • Name: Dora
  • Japanese: ドーラ
  • Color: Black
  • Appears in: Rance III
  • Real world reference: Dora


  • Most of their names are based off heavy tank destroyers of Nazi Germany.