Huhuhu...My Tulip is unstoppable.

—Maria, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

She fights with a bombardment weapon called the Tulip 1 that she developed herself.

Her unit's attack power is extremely high, and when it comes to that alone, it surpasses even regular soldiers.

The unit she leads is made up entirely of engineers that she has as her pupils.

Has no special skills, but can greatly improve the Unit by building a Research Facility.



"One of my women from Kathtom.

We've been together a while and been through a lot, so I should give her special treatment.

Her voluptuous body makes the sex good." -Rance


  • After calling her in the harem twice then talking to Maria again, the Maria Research Building becomes available to build.
  • Visiting the Maria Research Building 5 times will strengthen her troops` attack by 2 points.
  • Visiting 9 times will cause the C2 Goriate to be created and placed in North.
  • Visiting 10 times will start the development of a high-speed breeder reactor. After visiting 12 times it will explode in a beginning of turn event, and if you haven't built a hospital Maria will die and get her unhappy ending. If she survives, visit her in the hospital twice and she will be discharged in a beginning of turn event. Call her in the harem for a new CG. Whatever she is equipped with when she is sent to the hospital will be lost.
  • If you use the peephole after Maria tells you that she has started working on the high speed reactor, Rance will overhear from the assistants that the reactor is dangerous. The next time you talk to Maria, you will have only one option to tell Maria to stop working on the reactor (it's a popup menu with only one option)
  • Anytime after you've visited the Maria Research Building 4 times, there's a random chance that Maria will mention her research on the Tulip Type 100 and ask if you want to see it. If you choose to look at it, you will get a game ending and Maria's happy ending.


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