The inventor of the Tulip, which obviously makes her a rather unique character.

A good ranged attacker because her attacks are physical and deal high damage, making her useful against Hannies when your spellcasters would be useless. She also has good supportive abilities.

All in all, she's one of the most useful characters in the game.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • Upgrade the accuracy of "Basic Shot" once.
  • Upgrade "Support Fire" to max and she should activate it most of the time.
  • Maybe upgrade "Smokescreen" if you have any leftovers.


Basic Shot

Maria's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It's ranged and deals physical damage, but has lower accuracy than usual if it's not upgraded.

Explosive Barrage of Bullets

Maria deals 30% damage to a whole row of enemies. It doesn't require any turns charging.

Only useful if there are several enemies in a row Charging, since it can interrupt them.

Support Fire

Maria gets a chance of immediately attacking any target that an ally attacks. Doesn't work when allies hit multiple targets.

Probably her best ability.

Rapid Fire

Maria's stronger attack.

It requires 1 turn charging but she hits an enemy for 250% damage. Good against bosses and Hannies.


Maria gets a chance of providing a smokescreen to an ally when he's going to be attacked, preventing him from taking damage.

Type 3 Shot

Maria's strongest attack.

It requires 1 turn charging, but she hits all enemies for 90% damage.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Maria does not have an S Rank Weapon, however, note that all her weapon upgrades are through sidequests instead of buying them through the shop.

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Moja Doll - Before you upgrade her accuracy, you want this so she doesn't miss.
  • Lightning Pendant - Covers her weakness to thunder.
  • Dora Cat's Bell - Increased damage... duh.

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