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Huhuhuhuhu... Bentora. Mm~... Marvelous...

—Mars the Great, acting strange and suspicious.

Mars the Great
Japanese 火星大王
Romanization Kasei daiō
Mars the Great-Face
Race Artificial Human, Kurupistonian
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 195cm / 85kg
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance, Kurupiston
Level limit 22
Skill levels Spirit Magic Lv2
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Persiom

About Edit

Mars the Great is the enigmatic mayor of the Free City of Mars who is notorious for his strange appearance and mannerisms. He is actually an artificial crossbreed of Human and alien Kurupistonian DNA created for the purpose of acquiring human women for use in kurupistonian breeding.

During the events of Kichikuou Rance, Rance can choose to conquer the city of Mars through either negotiation or force. If he attempts to conquer it through negotiation, Mars the Great will give him the city under the condition that he be made a commander in the Leazas Army afterwards. As a commander, Mars the Great will regularly scout out women living in Leazas Castle to capture, eventually luring them to the roof to be abducted by a kurupistonian spaceship. He will continue to kidnap women until he successfully captures six of them, after which he himself will be taken in by the ship and allowed to return to space, leaving only Maris Amaryllis as a witness. If Rance attempts to conquer Mars through force, Mars the Great will be killed only to immediately resurrect himself as "New Mars the Great" and raise a massive army of the Undead to attack Leazas Castle. He will persistently continue to attack Leazas until he and his army are completely destroyed. Alternatively, Rance can bring Merim Tser to investigate Mars the Great's palace in the city of Mars, where she will discover his original body sleeping in a coffin. Rance will then burn the body, killing Mars permanently.

While the artificial lifeform that became Mars the Great still exists in the series outside of Kichikuou Rance, he chose to go against his mission and become the Level God Starlevel the Great rather than the mayor of Mars.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Mars the Great is a ghostly white man with distinct pointed ears dressed in extremely gaudy and extravagant clothing consisting of a golden crown, jewel-encrusted silver armor, star-printed purple pants, several large rectangular earrings, and a long orange cape with a pair of star-shaped ornaments on it. He sports white hair styled into a single branch swept to the left and splitting off into three curls.


Mars the Great is a strange and unnerving character from another world.

He is well known for his extremely bizarre mannerisms. He speaks in a lilting and flamboyant voice and peppers his speech with a combination of French and a strange kurupistonian language. When speaking to others, he will frequently talk to himself mid-conversation about the quality of the electromagnetic aura the other person is projecting, almost seeming oblivious to the fact that he is having a conversation at all. He is noted by those who observe him to be a highly suspicious character, to the point where Maris Amaryllis immediately suspects him of being responsible for the multiple different women disappearing throughout Leazas. Despite this, Rance claims that he is "too big of a weirdo" to have a chance of stealing any of his women, causing him to overlook the majority of his actions as a result.

As he was created solely for the purpose of finding quality women for the kurupistonians to breed with, he is singlemindedly focused on his goal and spends nearly every moment he can sneaking around in search of them. When speaking with one of the women he has targeted, Mars the Great becomes uncharacteristically suave and courteous, with Merim Tser even claiming that he possesses an unconventional charm. While none of the women ever become attracted to him, all of them quickly develop a trust in him that causes them to drop their guard and be captured more easily. Though it is unknown whether or not Mars the Great himself is attracted to the women he pursues, he becomes highly aroused by the strong electromagnetic currents that surround them, to the point of almost having an orgasm simply by being around Saulnia Benz.

Abilities Edit

As a hybrid of an alien lifeform and a human, Mars the Great possesses an array of bizarre and strange abilities that are entirely unique to him. His most frequently used power is his ability to detect the electromagnetic current surrounding a person. While the exact properties of a person's electromagnetic current are unclear, Mars the Great appears to be able to detect both their personality and power based on the color and strength of the wave. He is capable of manipulating these waves to a slight degree, allowing for him to send signals to kurupistonian saucers to visit the planet when he has found a sufficient woman for them. Besides this, he is also able to use the waves for more mundane activities, such as predicting the weather.

Despite being an artificial being, Mars the Great possesses a Level Cap of 22, suggesting that he has a soul. While this level cap gives him a moderate amount of potential, he is not a fighter at all, and makes no attempt at defending himself in combat, instead performing a strange dance known as the "slide skip." The slide skip is described as being a strange combination of skipping and galloping which Mars the Great uses to move around in place of walking. As a result of this, he is seen as a liability in battle with very little use.


When in his negative life, Mars the Great is capable of commanding thousands of undead hoards.

Mars the Great's other most notable ability is his additional "negative life." While he normally exists in his "positive life" and possesses fairly ordinary abilities, when killed, he is capable of entering a negative life, allowing for him to resurrect himself as "New Mars the Great." In his negative life, Mars the Great gains access to extremely powerful spirit magic that allows him to raise the dead when performing the slide skip. This spirit magic is highly potent, raising over thirty thousand creatures at a time to fight for him, making him an incredibly dangerous opponent. Mars the Great can only resurrect himself once, however, and will die permanently when killed in his negative life.


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Trivia Edit

  • Mars the Great's character seems to be inspired by the music and persona of David Bowie, most notably the character of Ziggy Stardust, an eccentric rock star who acts as the earthly messenger for the mysterious extraterrestrial "the Starman", mirroring Mars the Great's own role as the human avatar for the kurupistonians. His name also seems to be derived from the character Ziggy Stardust's fictional band "The Spiders From Mars".

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