Martina Curry
Japanese マルチナ・カレー
Romanization maruchina karee
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Cook
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 7
Skill levels Cooking Lv2
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI

About Edit

Martina Curry is a genius and famous cook from the Magic Kingdom of Zeth. Her meals are so delicious people from all over the continent travel to give a try to the foods she prepares in her food stand "Sakura & Pasta". She's outstandingly talented for cooking and loves doing so with passion. She gets along really well with people that enjoy her food very much. In the non-canon Kichikuou Rance, she formed a solid friendship with Dark Lord Garutia, who visited her food stand every day and cheerfully ate everything she prepared.

Despite the poor treatment of non-mages prior to the Fall of Zeth, Martina was widely respected and beloved for her talent. She's also a very beautiful woman, enough to pose in Zeth's beauty magazine.

She got married in LP0005 with a man called Shin Gourmath and gave birth to a daughter, but they separated soon after, becoming a single-mother.

Personal HistoryEdit

  • GI0998 (0 years old) - Martina is born in Zeth.
  • GI1013 (15 years old) - She had her first time with her mentor. Participated in the 62nd Zeth Cook Contest.
  • GI1014 (16 years old) - Participated in the 63rd Zeth Cook Contest.
  • GI1015 (17 years old) - Participated in the 64th Zeth Cook Contest.
  • LP0001 (18 years old) - Participated in the 65th Zeth Cook Contest.
  • LP0002 (19 years old) - Participated in the 66th Zeth Cook Contest.
  • LP0003 (20 years old) - Participated in the 67th Zeth Cook Contest.
  • LP0004 (21 years old) - Her food stand Sakura & Past is attacked during the Fall of Zeth. Saved by the adventurer Rance.
  • LP0005 (22 years old) - She got married with Shin Gourmath and got divorced not long after conceiving a child. 


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