Fire Laser!

—Shizuka, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

She's considered a high level mage by both herself and others.

However, as she's uncooperative and does little to lead her troops, they don't show their full potential as a unit.

Uses the special attack "White Destruction Beam".

White Destruction BeamEdit

Shizuka's special skill can be used after using the "Wait" command and charging for 1 turn. On the following move, the option to use the move will be enabled. The attack allows is a "Bomb" skill that causes damage to the whole unit while ignoring field size limitations, increasing in power with a higher troop size. Due to the fact that two whole turns are used in order to use the skill, it typically can be used twice per battle.



"One of my women from Kathtom.

We've been together a while and been through a lot, so I should give her special treatment.....Or at least I would, but she's stupid and resists.

Damn it, I'll make her moan." -Rance


  • Initially, you won't be able to H her but she will still appear in the Harem.
  • While you're at war with Zeth, an event will trigger where Nagi calls Shizuka for a duel. If you have Sill as a commander, Rance will interrupt the duel. If you don't, Shizuka will be captured and killed, which leads to her unhappy ending (and a CG). If you want to get a CG with Annis this is needed.
  • If you take Nagi's Tower while using Shizuka, you'll get the option between keeping her or recruiting Nagi. If you keep Shizuka, it will become possible to call her in the harem. If you call her 4 times and Maria is still alive she will get her happy ending and leave your army and harem.


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