A very powerful spellcaster, and probably the best mage you will have for the vast majority of the game since you get her. However, she has a very low SP, meaning you should use her carefully, and a very low FR limit for most of the game. Also she's only H-able once through a plot-event.

In the post-game, she may be outdone by characters with a higher max level. In the main game, she is still most likely going to be your best spellcaster.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • "Controlled Earthquake", specifically, the charge time reduction, not the damage increase!
  • Increasing SP is good.
  • "Flame Arrow" is about the only other thing I would upgrade. Fire Blast is useless and Controlled Earthquake is only a 5% damage increase. Note that since the boosts are actually percentage points Controlled Eartquake is actually not that bad to upgrade (50%->55%, a 10% damage increase).



Flame Arrow


Shizuka's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

Deals Magical damage of the element of Fire and is a Ranged attack.

Fire Blast


Shizuka's stronger fire spell.

It requires 1 turn to charge and deals magic damage for 80% to all enemies. Good initially, but becomes useless later on.

Fire Laser


Shizuka's definitive fire spell.

It requires 1 turn to charge and deals magic damage for 250% to a single enemy.

Controlled Earthquake

Shizuka's non-elemental spell.

Initially it requires 1 turn to charge, can be upgraded to not requiring to charge, and hits all enemies for 50% magic damage. 

Since Shizuka's Magic value is high, this is one of her best spells.

White Destruction Beam

Shizuka's Ultimate Spell.

It requires 2 turns to charge, but deal 400% to a column of enemies. Very powerful, but the 2 turns to charge reduces its effectiveness. Can become brutal if she gets a Magic buff before casting it.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Late in the game, Shizuka will have a dream about the calculator cube. You will need her A Rank weapon, and may need to see most of her base events to trigger it. It appears as an event that requires 2 Crab Orbs.

Enter the dungeon (Rance and Shizuka only) and complete the puzzle to earn her S-Rank weapon: The Crystal Rod.

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Lightning Ball / Kitty Coin - Increases/buffs Magic Attack.
  • Manhunter License - Attacks against Human enemies are counted as weakness. Using this and Earthquake, she can wipe out the Zeth/Pentagon enemies very fast. Use something else in the final arc though, you won't be facing many humans by that time.
  • Protection Beads - Raises/Buffs physical defence. Will help her survive physical attacks towards the end.
  • Protection Doll - If facing a dungeon with enemies that have dark magic attacks (especially the Nyo in the abandoned labyrinth).