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Medical Treatment
is the skill level that determines the expertise and talent an individual possesses for the treating or assistance given to a person suffering from an illness or injuries. It's not nearly as fast or effective as healing magic, but it is necessary to heal wounded individuals who had suffered more severe injuries. 

Those with a higher profficiency are particularly careful with preserving the life of the wounded and prevent his condition from worsening, while promoting for an eventual recovery. Medics and nurses are usually the ones in charge of these procedures but there are occassions in the battlefield or other hostile situations where a more immediate action is needed to be performed in order to prevent the wounded individual from dying or collapsing. In this cases, a fast First Aid is performed. Initial intervention may include things such as performing CPR, treatment of minor conditions, applying a plaster to a cut, providing bandages to stop a bleeding, among other things.

Those with a higher skill level can act faster and better and save individuals with more serious wounds, even under less ideals situations or with inappropriate equipment. Almost anyone should be able to provide a decent medical treatment in case of emergency if he carries high quality and fresh equipment to perform it and some knowledge of the matter.

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