Megadeath is the first ranged attacker you get, but on the other hand her stats are pretty low and her abilities are shallow, so you won't find much use out of her. She helps cover a weaker frontline (Rocky, Bernard, Tamanegi, Sanakia) when trudging through random enemies though, and at higher levels her charged attack can hit hard enough to one-shot kill rear enemies that are physically fragile.

She's removable from your roster of 16 characters if you need space for other people.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • Not much to choose here. Upgrade her normal attack since it raises by 20% with each upgrade, which is quite good, then put the rest into SP.


Bow Attack

Megadeath's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It deals physical damage and is ranged, allowing her to hit from the backrow.

Successive Bow Attacks

Megadeath's stronger Bow Attack.

It requires 1 turn to charge and hits twice at 120% damage per hit. It can't be upgraded however.

Status Cancellation

A skill that can be used either on allies or enemies.

When used on an ally, it cures the paralyzed state.

When used on an enemy, it cancels their Charging and their Immunity.

(in the english version, these have a chance for success)

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Because she's ranged and thus has a wider control over her targets, any of the items that allow you to hit weak points are good if you don't need them elsewhere.

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