Mell To Laden
Japanese メル・ト・ラディン
Romanization meru to radin
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Soap Empire
Appeared in Daiteikoku


Mell To Laden is the leader of The Soap Empire located in Turko Star System. Turko was surrounded by monsters, and Mell reached out to the Japanese Empire for aid, so they could destroy Pandora's Box, which created all of the monsters. Mell also promised to join the Japanese Empire should that aid be received. Mell decided to search for herself while she was fighting for Japan. Likes: Jelly, Starry Skies Dislikes: Urlo (Steamed Cake)

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Mell has a very mature figure, with long silver hair, and blue eyes. She wears black veil over her hair and a white dress. She also wears a back coat lined with gold over said dress, and a black shawl. Mell also uses a walking stick, so it can be infered she's physically weak. As for her personality, Mell is very calm and mature, which is a stark contrast to the rest of the cast, who are usually pretty off-beat. While she is mostly serious, Mell is still nice, and cares deeply for others.

Recruitment and StatsEdit

Recruitment: Defeat the Soap Empire and then do an event

Ability: Copy

Mell will take the ability of one of the Admirals she is stationed with. This can be good if you get something like the barrier abilities, but detremental if you get something like Local Downpour or False Promise.

Command Points: 450

Ship Listing:

All Stats -50%
All Stats -50%
All Stats -50%

All Stats -50%

Growth: 6%

Mell is not generally not the best unit to use, due to her stats being reduced by 200% if you use all her slots. While her Copy ability is cool, the reward is not worth the risk.