Do your best, everyone! Follow me!

—Menad, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

While she's a woman, she's capable enough to be the youngest knight in Leazas, and the lieutenant general of the Red Army at that.

The way she commands her unit is nothing special, but it works.

Has no special skills, but occassionally Kanami Kentou will pop to assist Menad on the battlefield, dealing damage directly to the enemy commander.


  • Available when Rance becomes the King and is granted leadership over the Leazas Army.


"A girl that works as the lieutenant general of the Leazas Red Army.

She's small and cute, yet also a pretty good sword fighter. There's also something really arousing about a boyish girl that is only lovey-dovey in front of you." -Rance


  • After you've spoken to her once and called her in the harem once, you'll meet her boyfriend Zarak.
  • After you've met Zarak, an event will trigger after a battle in which Menad has less than 33% of her troops left. (must happen outside a dungeon) There will be another event after the next battle Menado participates in, regardless of her troop count in that battle. After that an event should randomly trigger where Rance speaks with Maris about dealing with Zarak, which will set Menado on her happy ending.
  • Rance cannot have sex with Menad in the harem until all of the above has occurred.
  • If these events are started but not finished by the creation phase then Menad will get her unhappy ending.


  • She's one of the few units with an additional character assisting her in battle.


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