Japanese ミカン
Romanization Mikan
Race Gods
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Level God
World The Continent
Affiliation Gods, Rance
Appeared in Rance IV, Rance 5D, Rance VI, Rance X



Mikan, how she appears in Rance VI.

Mikan is a blonde apprentice level goddess under Willis that made her first appearance in Rance IV. Being an apprentice, her chances of success at leveling up Rance's party was originally nil, causing Rance to either lose all of his current experience, triple his current experience or power up his weapon. Since Rance was the first character to be evaluated for level up, he was the only member who was ever affected by her failures.

By the time that Rance 5D came around, Mikan became solely responsible for leveling up Rance's entourage. Luckily for Rance, by this point, she had learnt how to properly level up party members, but she would still sometimes fail and accidentally level down unfortunate party members.

In Rance VI, Willis came back as Rance's level goddess and Mikan (who was still an apprentice by this point) would instead trade items for services such as increasing Bernard's level cap.


  • In Rance IV, Mikan would run away from Rance after failing the level up ceremony, even if she increased his experience or increased his weapon's power.
  • She is one of the few people to scare Rance due to how often she decreases his level.
  • She is aware of Rance's ability to raise the caps of people he sleeps with.
  • Mikan loves oranges and even uses an orange for her level up ceremonies instead of using a traditional crystal ball like the one that Willis uses. This is as true in Rance IV as it is in Rance VI.
  • The orange she uses in Rance IV is the same orange that she uses in Rance VI. Instead of rotting it seems to be growing in size. It also appears to have a face.
  • Her name itself is given after a variety of mandarin orange.
  • Just like Alice, Mikan has become younger looking between Rance IV and Rance VI.