Alright, let's go! Phantom Beasts! Beat all the bad guys!

—Mill, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A Phantom Beast user that's capable despite being young.

The unit she leads is made up entirely of the Phantom Beasts she's summoned.

As such, the only way to increase her unit's troops is level her up.

Has no special skills.



"A kid that came from Kathtom. I don't even want her...

Why is she in my harem???" -Rance


  • After an event between Mill and Merim, bring both of them to the second-to-last floor of the Uncurse Dungeon and enter the spring there. Mill will become an adult and gain +2 HP, +230 troops, become possible to call in the harem and obtain her happy ending. This event can't occur after Asuka starts pestering Mill about her phantom beasts or while Milli is in the hospital.
  • If you talk to Mill at least once and then never change her into an adult, she will get her unhappy ending.
  • Gains +50 Phantom Beasts every level up, does not stack with popularity staff.


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