Alright, shall we go together!? Okay! Let's gooo.

—Milli, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A talented female warrior.

Most of her subordinates, wether man or woman, have been raped by her. Possibily because of that, she has good leadership over them.

People tend to call this unit things like "Queen Milli and her slaves"...

Has no special skills.


  • Available when Rance conquers Kathtom.


"My rival from Kathtom.

To be perfectly frank, this woman is the Demon King of sex. Even for someone as amazing as me, approaching her is a bit dangerous.

Eventually, I'll make her admit defeat." -Rance


  • After some time passes, Milli will catch a disease called genfluenza, and if you don't have the hospital when it happens she will die immediately. If you do, she will be sent to the hospital, and if you haven't treated her in 20 turns she will die and get her unhappy ending. Note that this will only occur if Mill does not have an adult body.
  • After having met with Milli in the hospital, visit Earthy Jiuletta in the Isolated Shrine Island north of Leazas (the path opens on the first week of every month). For the latter you will need to bribe her with sweets which can be obtained by instituting a levy in most cities (it spawns at random apparently).
  • Subsequently, send Rance to the 33rd floor of the Holy Gal's Dungeon to meet with Wenlina. It is located in eastern Zeth next to Italia. After you've met her with Rance, you can send Milli to her to be cured. Simply go back to the 33rd floor of the dungeon with Rance to achieve this (Happy Ending).
    • Note that Wenlina will not appear unless you have asked the seer about a cure for genfluenza.
  • It's possible to meet with Sel and get medication for Milli that will extend her lifespan by another 20 turns. Sel is the nun living in the city Red (part of the Free Cities).
  • During the war with the Dark Lords it's possible that Milli will get kidnapped by Medusa. There will be an end of turn event warning where Medusa complains that she is bored and goes to a picnic with her butler Alefgard.
  • After getting Sill, calling Milli in the harem (after the Orgasmic Men scene) gets you a different CG and only 1 XP.


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