"Eri of the Chain never turns around!"


Erika's Portrait in Daibanchou

A student at Seijou School, calls herself "Eri of the Chain". Along with her classmates Shouko and Saki, she's formed the Miyazato Army. They defy  authority but are really good girls all round.

Battle quote - "Hey hey hey! Eri of the Chain will kick you you know!"


  • In Big Bang Beat, Erika and her gang only showed at Heita's stage (At day)
  • Surprisingly, Erika didn't get the chance to become a Big Bang Beat playable character

which she's supposed to be because of BBA popularity voting showed Erika is more popular over Kendo & Kyuudo Nakanishi

  • Erika becomes playable in Big Bang Beat - Revolve, with Shouko and Saki as her strikers. They appear as the Miyazato Gundan on the character select screen.

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