"Eri of the Chain never turns around!"

A student at Seijou School, calls herself "Eri of the Chain". Along with her classmates Shouko and Saki, she's formed the Miyazato Army. They defy {C authority but are really good girls all round.

{C Battle quote - "Hey hey hey! Eri of the Chain will kick you you know!"



  • In Big Bang Beat, Erika and her gang only showed at Heita's stage (At day)
  • Surprisingly, Erika didn't get the chance to become a Big Bang Beat playable character

which she's supposed to be because of BBA popularity voting showed Erika is more popular over Kendo & Kyuudo Nakanishi

  • Erika becomes playable in Big Bang Beat - Revolve, with Shouko and Saki as her strikers. They appear as the Miyazato Gundan on the character select screen.

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