Modell's Ghost
Japanese モーデルズゴースト
Romanization mōderuzu gōsuto
CG 0494
Race Guy Monster
Sex Male
World The Continent
Strength Low
Appeared in Rance IV}}

About Edit

The Modell's Ghost is a species of Monsters with the appearance of history's greatest martial artist Fletcher Modell at the time of his death with the addition of a halo above his head. They are not to be confused with the very similar Fletcher Clone, another, much stronger monster also based off of Fletcher Modell.

How or why they exist is completely unknown, though they could be interpreted as the Gods mocking Modell for squandering his talents late in life.

They are a very rare monster that have currently only been found within the depths of Toushin Upsilon in small groups. Because of their rarity, little is known about them beyond that even other monsters find them repulsive.

They have personalities that closely resemble the original Fletcher Modell's, being incredibly arrogant and extremely confident in their abilities despite being severely out of shape. While they are capable of speech, they have their own language composed of oinks that only other members of their species can understand.

They have the same combat capabilities as the original Fletcher Modell, being extremely skilled in the art of Kenpo, allowing them to reflect their opponent's attacks back onto them while also dealing fast and powerful attacks of their own. However, as they are incredibly obese, they are incapable of performing any of their techniques correctly and do little to no damage as a result, making them very easy opponents to defeat. In addition, they also give out incredible amounts of experience points when defeated, making them a sought out source for experience due to the ease at which they can be defeated.