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Modern Kalar
Japanese モダン・カラー
Romanization modan karā
Race Kalar
Age / Birth +75
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Class Kalar Queen
World The Continent
Affiliation Pencilcow, Kalar
Level limit 50
Skill levels Magic Lv1, Cursecraft Lv1
Appeared in Rance Quest


Modern was the former Kalar Queen, daughter of Vivid Kalar and the mother of the current Queen, Pastel Kalar. She took the position of the Kalar Queen in the year GI0920 and passed away in LP0001.

She was a woman filled with tenderness and kindness, but she also lacked assertiveness and an optimal personality to be a queen. Despite this, she was greatly respected as a queen. She had the most children of all the Kalar, giving birth to a total number of 50 Kalar. Her eldest and second daughters died of illnesses at different points, leaving Pastel as the third daughter as the heir for throne. Despite this unbelievable number of children, she died a virgin, since all of them were born from the Kalar Impregnating Ceremony. 

When living she was a very generous and caring person. She would use human men to milk their semen for breeding purposes like the Kalar laws establish, and would later let them escape secretly, breaking the rules as a result.


  • In the Rance Quest popularity poll, she was ranked 24th, making her the most popular of the former Kalar Queen.
  • She's the known character that has given birth to the most children.
  • The Pastel Kalar from Kichikuou Rance was very similar to Modern, but her character was changed completely into Modern, while making Pastel a completely different character.