Morita Ai
morita ai
Daiakuji - Morita Ai
Morita Ai in Daiakuji
Birthdate ??
Birthplace ??
Height/Weight ??cm/??kg
B/W/H (Female only) B??/W??/H??
Hair color Pink
Eye color Shiny Gold
Job class Bushi
Weapon(s) Katana

Profile Edit

Ai is one of the members of Wakame Yazuka. She's not interested in any guys who is below 35 years old and has a thing for heroism.

Appearances Edit

Daiakuji Edit

During the events of Daiakuji, when she was visited by Akuji in prison, she was about to commit seppuku for her failure.

Sengoku Rance Edit

She appears in Sengoku Rance as a bonus Bushi unit-type captain.