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Rance suffering the effects of the curse.

The Morurun Curse, sometimes called Abstinence Curse, is a very rare type of curse that is most of the times only read from in books. The only individual known capable of inflicting this unusual curse is the Kalar Queen, Pastel Kalar.

The curse can only be inflicted on males and consists on a magic denier that prevents a man from having sex, by preventing his penis from getting erect. Males suffering from this curse will only be able to have sexual intercourse with females that are level 35 or above, and after the session the female will lose all her levels, dropping back to level 1. This applies to any type of sexual activity performed with the penis, be it vaginal, anal, or even oral sex. The effects only apply upon ejaculation takes place though. Also, even if the subject's penis doesn't get hard, the victim will still feel the same sexual arousal he would usually feel, just having the physical restriction to do anything with it. Although it does have some positives if a victim of said curse were to sleep with someone who's at their level cap said cap will raise by 3 levels.

As rare as it is, it seems to be a curse that has been seen in the past, as Crook Mofus knew about it. She was the one that explained most of the machinations of this curse to Rance. She also claimed that if the victim didn't perform sexual activity for too long, he would turn homosexual, but this was likely just a joke.

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