Japanese ムカーダー
Romanization Mukādā
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Ice Flame
Appeared in Rance VI

About Edit

Mucarder was a member of Ice Flame and head of its main combat squad, the White Squad. However he was a fairly rude leader who received many complaints during his short tenure. When Rance joined Ice Flame, as a powerful warrior he was quickly assigned to the White Squad, but as Rance was ignoring Mucarder during his boot-camp speech, the now enraged man attacked Rance and was quickly skewered for his trouble. As the White Corps tried to avenge their fallen leader, Rance ended up slaying them all and to keep the enraged warrior who declared he was just defending himself in line, he was given his own combat squad, dubbed the Green Squad, to replace the one he destroyed.