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The Nation Protectors (NPI) are an organization that has protected Japan against mystical curses for years. Due to Japan's modernization, their political power had waned in recent years, relying solely on luck with politicians and praying that they would succeed, but during the first year when the hell hole opened, they returned to center stage. There is a woman named "The Priestess of the Seal" at the Nation Protectors. She watches over the hell hole, ensuring that it doesn't grow larger and protecting against any other disasters it could cause. Protecting the Maiden, and also protecting Japan itself is the objective of the Nation Protectors. The majority of their actions are, in essence, just, however they regard their own laws too highly and can be very high handed. They employ strict measures and can also be rather self righteous. Recently, the Maiden has been laid low with illness and has not been seen in ages, and many critics have pointed out that this is not the way the Nation Protectors should be.

The Nation Protectors are one of the four main nationwide school organizations that are in the midst of partaking a civil war for control of all of Japan. They reside within the regions of the southeast, with those regions including Nakoya, Ika, Seikga Hara (Where most of the battles took place with their war with the PGG) Narra, Oosaka, the once independent nation of Koube, and their main territory in Kyou. The president of the NPI is Nidai Shizuka, a blind and righteous miko who is very admired from within the territories of the Nation Protectors. She also recalls siding with the legendary Banchou who united all of the nations after forming the Student Union in the past. With so much authority, Shizuka is the driving force for the many schools and organizations to prosper in times of war, but the followers for those schools do not realize that there is a significant evil force behind the scenes, one that would eventually lead the NPI to their demise.


After when Wolf Fang conquers the PGG, they ponder on whether or not they should take on either the NPI, or the Nightmare Eyes next.

Important Figureheads:

Nidai Shizuka: The president of the NPI, she is a blind women with high amounts of authority. She has fought alongside the SU president who was famous for his grand negotiation skills, in the plight for uniting Japan.

Nidai Yoshitsune: Shizuka's younger brother, he is next in line to become the top of the NPI just in case Shizuka isn't there. Shizuka holds him dearly, and the banchou, Yunazawa Kei is in love with him.

Yunazawa Kei: The Banchou, and most powerful fighter for the NPI, she pilots a giant robotic piece of armor which gives her most of the strength.

Takeda Izumo: The NPI's professional doctor. He is responsible for making all of the DNA clones for candidates to become the next Priestess of the Seal.

Houjou Miyuki: Another one of the NPI's doctors who has given most of her present life for the cause of supporting the NPI from behind the scenes in gathering the DNA for the Priestess of the Seal. Dissatisfied with what her life has become, she has grown to become rather detestable.

Iori Tatemikado: One of the candidates to become the next Priestess of the Seal. While her B-Ability may not be as powerful as her sister, Kyoudou Senna's, she has proven to be one of the NPI's top fighters.

Igarashi Koumi: The former banchou of the independent nation of Koube, before the NPI takes over the region, she now serves the NPI while secretly holding a grudge against them.

Watari Honzou: The Ninja Commander for the NPI, he resides in Ika.

Aoi Gamon: Generic unit, who is the second in command for the ninjas in Ika.

Murakumo Shizuro: A famous swordswomen that fights alongside the NPI, she has a history with Nakanishi Kendo of Wolf Fang.

Kojirou: A former warrior who passed on and lives in the form of a spirit, he uses his power by corrupting the many students of the Kansai district forcing them to take part of the war for Japan's unification.

Ariake Harami: A random high school girl who was caught up between the war with the NPI, she fights alongside them in hopes of being paid so that she can buy more doujinshi.

Layout Edit

The places featured throughout the NPI's regions.

Nakoya District
Nakoya District
Narra District
Narra District
Seikga Hara CG
Seikga Hara
Ika District
Ika District
Oosaka District
Oosaka District
Kyou District
Kyou District
NPI Counsel Room
NPI Counsel Room

Residents Edit

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