Demon King Nighcisa

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Nighcisa was the fourth Demon King. Originally a human, he was appointed directly to the position of Demon King by the Supreme God Planner, as the previous Demon King Ssulal died prematurely before she could choose an heir. Nighcisa was a heinous, brutal being that had no feeling but malice for mankind.

Nighcisa saw humans as playthings and war as a game. His disdain for human life lead to a mass genocide of the human race, to the point where Planner had to intervene before humanity was driven extinct.

Nighcisa was not only savage and uncaring towards humans but was equally disdainful of the lives of Dark Lords or monsters, unafraid to throw them away on a whim. It was for that reason that brutal Dark Lords like Xavier looked up to him, admiring his cruelty.

Nighcisa was the only Demon King to be specifically given a task by the Gods. Emperor Ishimaru Fujiwara of JAPAN was spreading Tenshiism as the official religion of his new grand empire and it was rapidly expanding out from JAPAN. Due to the fact that Tenshiism takes souls away from Ludo-Rathowm, this was a problem the Gods needed to eliminate quickly. The Gods tasked Nighcisa with a special mission: prevent the spread of the Tenshi Sect to the mainland Continent by whatever means necessary.

Nighcisa's ensuing war against mankind was so savage that even some of the Gods found it to be too much. At least half of the entire human population was savagely killed, including Emperor Fujiwara, and Nighcisa's intention was to continue until every last human was dead. To give humanity a fighting chance, the Gods' response to Nighcisa's brutality lead to the creation of the Hero System as a means of preventing the annihilation of the Protagonist Race.

Eventually the Hero of the era met with and fought Nighcisa. While the Demon King ultimately won the battle the Hero inflicted severe damage to Nighcisa, and he was left with a wound that shaved 40 years from his life.

By the end of the war, Nighcisa was ultimately successful in keeping Tenshiism local to JAPAN and out of the rest of The Continent.

Before dying, Nighcisa passed on his knowledge of the Hero System to his successor, Gele. With the Monster Realm now armed with a knowledge of the Hero System - and how to manipulate it - the ensuing period became being the worst era a Protagonist Race would ever experience.

Despite constant warfare, many enemies, and marring at the hands of a Hero, Nighcisa's brutal reign lasted 960 years out of a possible 1000.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Nighcisa looked like the traditional depiction of a vampire lord. He had curled gold hair, deep red eyes, pasty white skin, and wore aristocratic clothing.

Nighcisa was very in touch with his vampiric side, moreso than other vampiric seeming Demon Kings, and he would often appear in villages to feed on random people. No one was safe from his intentions, as Nighcisa could teleport at will to anyone he thought looked delicious enough.

NC - Nighcisa's EraEdit

NC0001 - Nighcisa is made into the Demon King by Planner.

NC???? - The brilliant mage scientist Kestina creates an anti-Dark Lord weapon, RedEye, a gem that can help mankind fight back.

NC???? - Nighcisa learns of the RedEye Project. He steals the gem and bathes it in his blood, turning it into a sentient Dark Lord.

NC???? - A young genius named Pi-R creates amazing technology and helps mankind rise up against the Dark Lords and the monster army. Pi-R captures a Dark Lord and extracts his Demonic Blood Soul. He consumes it and becomes a Dark Lord himself, turning on humanity.

NC0321 - Orochi causes the great eastern earthquake. JAPAN is separated from The Continent.

NC0440 - 2nd Class God Amaterasu connects JAPAN to the continent with the Tenma Bridge.

NC068? - Ishimaru Fujiwara of JAPAN conquers half of the continent in less than 5 years.

NC0705 - Nighcisa orders Dark Lord Xavier to kill Ishimaru Fujiwara. Xavier leads an army of 2 million monsters against Fujiwara. This is a devastating blow to Fujiwara's expansion and all the territories he had gained.

NC0706 - Xavier succeeds in killing the Emperor, but is sealed away by the Devil Geppei.

NC0901 - The Death Toll War: Nighcisa makes a brutal assault on the Eastern Opiros Empire.

NC090? - At least 50% of Humanity is wiped out. Under the Hero System, the Heroic Sword Escude grants the hero the power to be on par with the Demon King. The Hero challenges Nighcisa and ultimately dies, but not before damaging Nighcisa so severely that his lifespan is reduced.

NC0960 - While searching for a heir, Nighcisa disguises himself and goes for a walk. He finds a girl named Gele on the brink of death by the side of the road. Feeling compassion and pity for the first time, Nighcisa gives her his blood, tells her of the Hero System and dies shortly after.

Known Dark Lords Created: Xavier, RedEye, Pi-R (indirectly), Lexington.

Preceded by: Demon King Ssulal

Succeeded by: Demon King Gele


  • Nighcisa has faced the most powerful Hero ever known to exist, due to humanity's dwindling numbers. Even though in his empowered state the Hero should have been capable of defeating the Demon King, Nighcisa was the one that came out victorious.
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