The Nightmare Eyes are an organization that was formed in the 9th year, immediately following the assassination of the President of the United Students. The Hokkaido Alliance, who had until then governed the north, capitulated against the vampire Camilla Bathori's monster army in merely two weeks, and was annihilated. With Camilla at the head, the Nightmare Eyes is an absolute monarchy. The vampires suck people's blood, who in turn become vampires and suck more people's blood, which creates more servants, and so the organization expands. As long as there are more humans, the organization keeps on getting bigger. The peoples who live in the north constantly live in fear of being attacked by the vampires.

Nightmare Eyes Board

The Nightmare Eyes are one one of the four main nationwide school organizations that are in the midst of partaking a civil war for control of all of Japan. They reside from within the regions of the northeast, with those regions including Aomory, Abashiri, Saporo, Yezo, and Transylvania, where their main headquarters are located. The leader of the Nightmare Eyes faction is Camilia Bathori, a possessed vampire who takes the humanity away from students so that she can expand her own livelihood and military.

After when Wolf Fang conquers the PGG, they ponder on whether or not they should take on either the NPI, or the Nightmare Eyes next.

Nightmare Eyes CG v 2

Important Figureheads:

Camilia Bathori: The leader of the faction, she thrives in the suffering of human beings, and even enjoys tormenting some of her own allies.

Pram Bathori: Camilia's "brother", who Camilia is intent on resurrecting, he is the true mastermind behind the Nightmare Eyes, and has turned Camilia into a vampire, he is only seen on Kunagi's route, and is just only mentioned in Senna's route.

Millar: Camilia's faithful servant, she fights using her bat projectiles.

Cat Banchou: An over the top creature who fights alongside the Nightmare Eyes, rumor has it that he used to rule over his own territory with his species before the Nightmare Eyes gained control of it.

Tsukiomi Kibito: A mad scientist who is endeavored to the Nightmare Eyes, and has invented a lot of beneficiary creations to support them.

Benishibuki Daimon: A heavy delinquent fighter who was created by Kibito.

Ulruka: A beautiful woman who used to fight for the Independent region of Yezo, before it got taken over by the Nightmare Eyes, she is then taken prisoner, and is forced to fight for them.

Layout Edit

The places featured in Nightmare Eye areas.

Nightmare Eyes District 5
Transylvania District
Nightmare Eyes District 2
Abashiri District
Nightmare Eyes District 3
Saporo District
Nightmare Eyes Area 2
Yezo District
Nightmare Eyes District 1
Aomory District
Nightmare Eyes Area
Camilia Throne Room

Residents Edit

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