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Japanese ノミコン
Romanization nomikon
Race Grimoire
Sex N/A
Status Deceased
Class Grimoire
World The Continent
Affiliation Papaya Server, Zeth
Appeared in Rance VI

About Edit

The Nomicon is a strange grimoire who contains expansive knowledge of many forbidden Magic arts such as Death Magic and other dangerous crafts. However, far from being an ordinary book, it is in fact completely sentient and itself possesses great magical powers. In particular, it has the power to corrupt and bend to its will those who wield it, making it extremely dangerous. The powerful Lord Chizuko Yamada suspected it of being a Devil, though its exact origins are unknown.

It was given to one of the Four Lords of Zeth, the talented magic researcher Papaya Server as a gift from the beguiling Abert Safety. As she was in love with Abert, Papaya graciously accepted the gift, not knowing the danger it represented. Soon enough, The Nomicon started corrupting Papaya's spirit, turning the once kind and gentle woman into an insane and dangerous creature who would use the vast knowledge found in the cursed book for conducting horrifying experiments.

With the lore found within the Nomicon, Papaya made amazing discoveries but her "studies" would soon cause the death and mutilation of countless people. All the while, the Nomicon and Papaya would enjoy the suffering they caused, often laughing about the pain they caused and playing sick pranks on their victims.

After Papaya was destituted of her position as one of the Four Lords, Chizuko Yamada used Anise Sawatari's amazing power to restrain the book's abilities, and soon Rance and his team reached Papaya and used the Super-Eraser to erase the text within the Nomicon, destroying it.

Personality and Appearance Edit

The Nomicon is a book with strange eye symbols on it and a prominent skull with glowing red eyes on its cover. It is fairly heavy tome containing much knowledge concerning dark arts, and transparent spirits constantly rise from its pages and float around it.

The Nomicon is a sadistic and twisted entity, often laughing about the misery of others. It enjoys corrupting its wielder, using its powers to turn the innocent Papaya into a lascivious woman and sharing with her its sadistic sense of humor.

After the years spent with her and despite being behind her corruption, The Nomicon seemed to genuinely enjoy being with its wielder Papaya and was genuinely shocked when she agreed to its destruction.

Abilities Edit

The Nomicon is quite possibly the most powerful of the Continent's dark Grimoires and has powerful magical abilities, adding to its wielder magical power. If it has gained a strong hold with its user, it can take complete control of their body, and it has a constant corrupting influence on their mind, making them more cruel and sadistic much like the Nomicon itself. It also has the power to summon Monsters to its aid when it is in danger.

However, what makes the Nomicon truly dangerous are the terrible secrets found within its pages, as it turned the talented Magic researcher Papaya into the most prolific creator of horrors the Continent has known. By granting her knowledge of Dark Magic, Death Magic, Holy Magic and other forbidden arts, Papaya soon created hybrid monsters powerful zombie necromancers as well as the amazingly dangerous M and m bombs.

Still, the Nomicon is still a book instead of an individual entity, and the vast majority of its power depends on its wielder. While it can directly control its user, it is much more effective when acting in tandem with them, which is probably why it exerts so much of its influence to give its user the same dark tendencies and attitude as it does.

Trivia Edit

  • The Nomicon is a direct reference to the Necronomicon, a similarly infamous book of dark lore from the Cthulhu mythos which has been used in multiple other works such as the Evil Dead franchise.
  • The Nomicon has multiple common points with another strange weapon, the Dark Sword Chaos. Like him, the Nomicon is a talking weapon with amazing powers who depends upon its user for much of its effectiveness, but uses its powers to bend them to its will. They have also both been seen using translucent spirits to act in small ways upon the physical world as well as being powerful enough to bring about Balance Breakers ( indirectly in the case of the Nomicon ), and both have disturbing personalities that most would consider dangerous.