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About Edit

The Noroi Faction is an organisation of ninjas that worships the mysterious being known as Noroi, and the antagonist of Beat Blades Haruka.

Their stated goal is to bring Noroi to his full power, so he can bring the True Eternity, ultimately bringing peace to humanity through fear. Though its members have a wide array of reasons for joining the organisation, they all must hold humanity in hatred and contempt in order to receive Noroi's power.

Organisation Edit


Despite being a real creature, Noroi is treated for all intents and purposes as the god of the faction. Its exact origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is known to have immense power that it can share with its followers, can possess different animals, and holds humans in contempt, professing that only power and fear can keep them in line.

Tetra SealersEdit

The four Tetra Sealers are leaders of the organisation, each invested with an enormous amount of power, able to create their own servants, and tasked with defending the seats of Noroi's power, the Tetra Castles. Though they are infused with the most power from Noroi, they mostly retain their human like appearance, with only the leader, Ensai Mukurou, being visibly something other than fully human, with his undead appearance.

Ensai Mukurou, the Black Guardian, is the founder and head of the organisation, while his right hand Ittou Hagane the White Guardian is the strongest member of the faction. Along with their newest member Orochimaru, the Blue Guardian, the three of them have been wronged by their contemporaries and seek Noroi's power to create a more just world. The Red Guardian Kikyou-dayu, however, is a greedy person who is only after power for its own sake.


Though they are under the Tetra Sealers, the Kainin are quite powerful. They are mostly humans, but occasionally some other creature, that have been infused with Noroi's power so they could pursue their own goals, and most of them have been deformed by it after prolonged exposure. They are the ones usually leading the Genin in the field to cause terror in the name of Noroi.

Genin and othersEdit

The main grunts of the faction, they are hunched humanoid creatures covered with ninja garb and a mask covering them completely. They seem to be unintelligent, blindly obeying the orders of the Kainin and Tetra Sealers, and will only stumble around slashing along the way when left unattended. Though they are weak compared to the Kainin and the Crescent Moons, they can be dangerous in numbers, and like their superiors are immune to most human weapons, making them a great threat to regular humans.

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