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Japanese ノート
Romanization Nōto
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Gal Monster
World The Continent
Strength ☆☆☆
Appeared in Galzoo Island, Rance Quest, Evenicle, Shinyaku Toushin Toshi ~Girls Tamer~}}


Notes are a warring type of Gal Monster, being highly regarded as tacticians and commanding groups of Monsters on the battlefield with a might comparable to a skilled human commander.

These female Monsters are notorious for their tactical and leading prowess, being highly knowledgeable in the Art of War and with a natural instict that allows them to command others in battle with excelent results. They are skilled tacticians that have nothing to envy to humans', and they are usually seen leading troops of monsters and organizing platoons for maximum efficiency, exponentially increasing the combat power of her allies. While their own combat potential is not very high, they make dreaded enemies that can turn what would usually be an easy win into a crushing defeat. Their leading skills are lower than that of a Monster Shogun but their performance is easiliy superior to the one of a Monster Captain.

In appearance, they boast a long white-pink hair with an elegant and graceful demeanor. They have a formal military uniform that extends into a long dress and wear pure white gloves to avoid getting their own hands dirty. They usually employ war fans to fluently lead their subordinates in battle with sophistication and grace. Their personalities are well-mannered and stoic, but also somewhat arrogant and prideful. They prefer to keep themselves away from the direct battle and just give orders from afar, as they are rather fragile, but in a scenario where they are forced to engage in combat they employ physical attacks by wielding their fans as weapons.

They are notoriously meticulous and highly analytical, with a sharp and astute mind that allows them to outsmart most adventurers. Because of her tactical abilities and the fact that she's usually accompanied by other monsters, they are among the hardest Gal Monsters to capture, which make them a tempting goal for Gal Monster Hunters, who more often than not fail in doing so. This rarity in the market, coupled with their elegant and attractive looks, makes them highly valued for Gal Monsters Dealers.


  • Commander: A weaker type, Commander have good analytical and tactical skills. They don't particularly excel, but they are competent leaders and strategists.
  • Battle Notes: The higher version of the Commander and probably the most well-known type. They have outstanding tactical skills and are capable of commanding a group of high-level monsters with efficiency and elegancy.
  • Sailor Notes: A weaker type, Sailor Notes have knowledge of the sea and are very capable when commanding battles on the water.
  • Navy Notes: The higher version of the Sailor Notes. Their leading and tactical skills are more refined and advanced.
  • Marine Notes: A higher version of the Sailor Notes. They have an outstanding commanding that rivals with a Battle Notes. Superior than them in water battles, but inferior otherwise.
  • Admiral Notes: The highest type known of the Sailor Notes, highly regarded as Conquerors of the Sea.