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A Nuhe called Nawatori that belonged to the Akashi House.


Nuhe are humanoid Artificial Organisms created through a unique technique found only in JAPAN

They can be used for battle or simply kept as creatures for companionship. They are produced by repeatedly refining an elaborate concoction of 365 types of animals, plants and minerals over an extended period of time. Their forms are fairly humanoid, and they have high physical capabilities, their bodies are adorned with tattoo-like patterns.


Their fighting ability is monstrous, they charge into the battlefield without any consideration for their own bodies, they tend to target the commanding officers in order to throw the other troops into disarray, they consider themselves disposable creatures. That said, they're not so easily disposable due to the stupidly elaborate and expensive method of creating them.

On an intellectual level, Nuhe are around the level of a small child. Their feelings are stunted in general, this includes both emotional feelings and physical sensations such as pain.

While they are often made for combat purposes, they are said to make fine companions too, there is a record of an old feudal lord creating a Nuhe to comfort him after the loss of his wife.

Known NuheEdit


One of the four Nuhe awakened by Akashi Kazemaru. The first to wake up, she had wavy hair.


One of the four Nuhe awakened by Akashi Kazemaru. The same model as Ikuno, but she had short hair. She fought fiercely for two hours until she simply stopped moving.


One of the four Nuhe awakened by Akashi Kazemaru. The same model as Ikuno, but her hair was a bit shaggy. Blew herself up with a Puchi Hanny before Rance could capture her.


One of the four Nuhe awakened by Akashi Kazemaru. A different model to the others. She began to emotionally develop upon interacting with the young Kazemaru.


Stored in the same location as the other Akashi Nuhe, but she had somehow rotted and became a skeleton.


Stored in the same location as the other Akashi Nuhe, the barrel containing her went unopened.


Protagonist of Kakure Tsuki. A specially modified male Nuhe. Has decent intelligence and is trained in magic and swordplay.


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