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The PGG is an organization that was established in Shisouka in the 5th year. It was originally a part of the self governing alliance known as the Greater Eastern Coprosperity Sphere, but the CEO at the time, Godai Shin, began to invest in tanks, and invaded areas other than Tottori. To those they conquered, they declared themselves the PGG (Panzergruppe Godai). The school Godai belonged to, Fujinomiya School, also changed it's name to that of a tank, and was renamed Number One School.

Two years previous, President Godai was assassinated, and Ginjo Tomoka was elevated to the position. The government functioned well under Godai, albeit being rather strict. However, since President Ginjou took control, the PGG has been given a bad name, declaring war on the Defense Institute and having an absurdly high tax rate. Also, although the armed forces of the PGG consist mainly of tanks as opposed to humans, they also employ a Special Battle Ability Corp, comprised of many special beings and used in all sorts of situations. It's said that there are some Special Beings being held captive and in confinement, forced to help the PGG.


The PGG are one one of the four main nationwide banchou teams that are in the midst of partaking a civil war for control of all of Japan. They reside from within the regions of the southeast, with those regions including, Akibahara, Tottori, Forestland and lastly the main territory where the headquarters are located in, Shisouka. The head banchou of the PGG is Ginjo Tomoka. The PGG used to be a striving company who cared much about the citizens of Japan, but ever since the Vice President Murata has been controlling Tomoka behind the scenes, the PGG has become more aggressive towards violence, and are hardly ever supplying beneficial needs for the citizens of Japan, and instead are prioritizing their funds for developing more weapons to cause more havoc and mayhem, earning them the aforementioned bad reputation.

After Wolf Fang decides to take over the remaining Independent Nations, they decide to declare war on the PGG first.

Important Figureheads:

Ginjo Tomoka: The head banchou (gang-boss) of the PGG, she quite cares for the well being of Japan, and wishes to utilize a nation of peace, however, thanks to her carnal desires of wanting to have a man, she called upon the Vice President Murata to service her for her sexual needs, ever since then, she has lost her influence as the VP Murata begins to use her to take on his own orders.

Vice President Murata: A rude man who wants to take control of all Japan by utilizing force, he hardly cares about peace, and only feels the need to care about his own well being, ever since he has had an affair with Ginjo Tomoka, he has become to think of her as nothing but a slave to do his dirty work, and he is secretly the man behind the PGG's cruel actions behind the scenes.

Cleo Aripa: An eighteen year old girl who was the banchou of the once Independent Dessert Nation of Tottori, even since her region has been taken over by the PGG, she began reluctantly fighting under them, she leads a cavalry of Arabian soldiers, who are all head over heals for her, and she wields a genie.

Yuma Asakura: Another female unit who is being used by the PGG, she maintains the stability of the PGG's tanks by using her power, while doing this, she gets no prize, and instead is treated with rape by some of the PGG's minor units.

Kirihara Takeshi: Generic unit who is the commander of all the tank units that the PGG has in store, he swears his loyalty to the PGG and President Ginjo Tomoka.

Layout Edit

PCG Area 1
Outside of Main HQ
PCG Area 2
Main Headquarters
PCG Area 4
Tottori Desert
PCG Area 5
Forestland District
PCG Area 6
Akibahara District

Residents Edit

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