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Papaya Server
Japanese パパイア・サーバー
Romanization papaia sābā
Race Human
Age / Birth 25 / GI0997
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 171cm / ??kg
175cm / 56kg (Kichikuou Rance)
Measurements B94 / W60 / H90
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 48
Skill levels Magic Lv1, Magic Science Lv2
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Rance X
Mentioned in Sengoku Rance

About Edit

Papaya Server was a powerful mage and the greatest magic researcher in the Kingdom of Zeth, titles that earned her a position as one of the Four Lords of Zeth. As such she established her own Papaya Research Institute in the Jump Tower that was under her control. She was born into the noble Server family as the daughter of the far less magically talented Nelson Server. She was originally a kind, innocent and gentle girl and a close friend of the talented Lord Chizuko Yamada. Even as a child Papaya showed an amazing potential and intellectual capacity, and as her talent was recognized she took and succeeded the test required for becoming one of the Four Lords of Zeth and become one of the most important figures of the Magic Kingdom. Soon after this her father Nelson Server, who was as proud as jealous of his daughters' achievements, requested her to give away the position to him, but Papaya refused and a breach was formed between the two that distanced them, resulting in her father developing an intense hate for mages and disowning her.

However her life would truly change forever upon meeting the the dashing and mysterious non-magic user Abert Safety. Papaya was quickly charmed by Abert's personality and fell in love with him, but this affection was short-lived as he would one day bring her an odd gift, the forbidden spell book Nomicon. The strange book was a powerful tool that contained many secrets and drastically improved her own abilities both as a magician and as a researcher, but the book was malevolent and sentient, and soon started corrupting Papaya and plunged her into madness. With her newfound abilities, Papaya was eventually able to take her talent to new levels and became a genius researcher with results both amazing but twisted. The now insane Papaya started experimenting on animals, Monsters, and eventually even kidnapped 2nd class citizens, before turning on her own assistant Carrot Shirley who disapproved of her actions. Basically anyone whom she could use without attracting too much attention when warping their bodies to horrific states was fair game, and her tower quickly became a den of horrors.

As one of the Four Lords she had many responsibilities in Zeth politics and had the solemn duty to protect her tower, as all four towers are essential to the country's safety, however she cared little about politics or her duties, never attending the Ministry meetings and staying locked in her tower with her experiments. When Sanakia and her Ice Flame squad arrived to attack her tower, though she did kill almost all of them before switching Sanakia's mind with a Yankee as a "fun" experiment, she didn't bother reporting the incident and simply returned to her research. Eventually Rance arrived to save Sanakia and finish her mission, and with the help of Carrot explored her tower and restored Sanakia to her former body. Papaya played around with them and showed her one of her more horrific creations, while giving them a few challenges, before going back to her own affairs and letting them destroy the Mana Battery under her base.

The M Bomb was instrumental in the war effort.

During the Zeth Monster Invasion, she stayed in her tower and simply used her powerful creations and own abilities to keep the monsters at bay. Despite her lack of involvement in the Zeth rescue effort, her M Bomb was instrumental in saving many citizens from the army of monsters.

After the end of the attack, she was officially destituted from her title by King Ghandhi, on the grounds that Papaya never cared about her duties and she was replaced with Urza Pranaice, a non-magic user who had led the egalitarian group Ice Flame, helped ease the tensions between the two classes and helped bring a decisive victory over the Monster Army with her tactical abilities. However as all her experiments were there, Papaya refused to vacate the tower, but thanks to the efforts of her old friend Chizuko Yamada and the powerful but unstable Anise Sawatari, for the first time in a long time Nomicon's hold on Papaya was lessened. As she started getting her own mind back and helped with restraining his power over her, Rance and his group arrived and destroyed Nomicon for good. Finally free from his influence, Papaya somewhat returned to normal, and though she regretted her actions, the thought of rekindling her friendship with Chizuko grounded and helped her avoid sinking into despair. Following her freedom she settled a more humble research facility on an isolated and secret location with funds given by King Gandhi, as she claims that she's made countless enemies that would try to assassinate her for her former actions, and has dedicated her life to the study of spell books like Nomicon in order to hopefully prevent more cases like hers. 

While her exact role is unknown, she is confirmed to return as a playable character in Rance X.

Papaya also made appearance in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance as one of the members of the Four Lords. When war breaks out between the Magic Kingdom and Leazas, led by King Rance, Papaya starts working on an ultimate forbidden spell to fight Leazas, an offensive attack of mass destruction named Flash. However, in order to make it she's required to get several ingredients, one of which is the entire blood pool of a mage that is at least Level 35. Chizuko tasks Nagi su Ragarl with finding a mage they could sacrifice for the creation of the weapon. If Rance fails to rescue Shizuka after their duel, she will be used to make the Flash and perish. If Shizuka is saved however, they will use Anise Sawatari instead as she's considered useless anyway.

When the Leazas Army approaches to a location near the Four Towers, she will fire the Flash annihilating the entire invading army and the city that was attacked by them, reducing it to nothing but dust and rubble, while also killing the Leazas commanders that were deployed (with Kurusu Miki being the only survivor in the case that she was sent). She's eventually defeated by the Leazas Army when they reach her tower and she's captured, however after the war was over, she reveals that she hid a second Flash on a hidden location ready to blown on a certain date. King Rance attempts to sexually torture her in order to get information, but he sees little success after she finally gives in out of boredom and reveals the location of the Flash, allowing Leazas to dismantle it. Depending on Rance's decision she will be either sent on a research institute to work free of salary for the rest of her life, or get imprisoned on a dungeon to be used as a sexual outlet for soldiers to pay for her inhuman crimes.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Papaya is a tall and striking woman, with long curling red hair and a sizable bust which is emphasized by her purple robes low neckline. While she possessed it, she would always be seen carrying the Nomicon everywhere she went.

Before coming into contact with the book, Papaya was an innocent, intelligent and kind woman who loved her research and had a strong but platonic crush on Abert. However after receiv

Even the normally unflappable Rance was horrified by Papaya's "pleasure room"

ing Nomicon, the malevolent book with its forbidden knowledge and terrible powers started corrupting her mind and tainting her desires. Where she was innocent, she became lascivious and sexually provocative, using her looks to lure men to their doom. Where she enjoyed doing research for the good of the country, she became an insane researcher toying with forbidden arts and destroying lives. She developed a dark sense of humor which she shared with her new "friend" the Nomicon, and regularly would play tricks and cruel jokes on enemies and allies alike, and regularly enjoyed toying with her subjects. Even when "helping" her allies by giving them the insanely powerful M and m bombs, she gave them a similar name and made it so the only difference between the two was a single small letter, knowing full well that confusing the two could easily spell doom for countless people.

After being freed from the Nomicon, Papaya regained over her mind and devoted her research to the good of Zeth once more, but innocence once lost cannot be regained, as much of her time spent with Nomicon lingered. To this day she is still unsatiable in bed and is generally quite mischievious with her friends and allies. Still, her amazing knowledge of all fields of magic and great capacity for kindness makes her an invaluable ally.

She is a very close friend of Chizuko Yamada, and it was through those feelings that Papaya has managed to overcome her guilt for her actions and become a powerful asset of Zeth once more. Still, like most sane people she considers Chizuko's sense of fashion to be absolutely horrendous and often advises her to wear less gaudy outfits.

While she was with it, she genuinely enjoyed the Nomicon's company, planning with it her "jokes" and treating it as her only friend. Still, this friendship was only made possible by his corrupting influence, as Papaya in her normal state and even at her most mischievous is overall a good person, while the Nomicon was an evil and twisted creature.

She enjoys Rance's company and sexual unsatiability, and is still thankful for destroying the Nomicon and saving her.

Abilities Edit

As expected from one of the Four Lords of Zeth Papaya is a very powerful mage with a far above average Level Cap of 49 and a decent proficiency with Magic as she has a Magic Lv 1 skill. Her powers were greatly boosted by the Nomicon, to the point of being capable of casting the Black Destruction Beam, one of the most powerful spells known. With her impressive might she easily passed the qualifications to become one of the Four Lords, and even the Fire General, Saias Crown, admitted that her power far outstripped his.

Despite her great fighting abilities, her true strength lies in her great knowledge of many fields of magic and her brilliant mind for research. With her Magic Science Lv2 and with the powers and lack of morality that was granted to her by the book, she is easily the single greatest magic scientist of her era, and has a deep understanding of biology, chemistry, the Dark school of Magic, Death Magic, Holy Magic and forbidden magic that can alter both body and mind. Her talent was so great that when using her book her research could lead to Balance Breakers, making her one of the greatest minds of the current era along with Maria Custard.


Papaya's modified humans.

Along with her bombs and other various inventions, she could create many Hybrid monsters that would give trouble even to powerful adventurers, and resurrected Hassam and Zulki Crown into powerful zombie necromancers. She developed many amazing but dangerous inventions, such as strange mirrors that could locally warp space, machines that could switch around the minds of individuals, life-support systems that could keep a single head alive, hybrid monstrosities, ways to warp and combine the bodies of beautiful women to literally turn them into pleasure machines even as they were all still alive, and perhaps two of the most devastating weapon in the entire continent, the M Bomb and m Bomb, with those last two being in fact so powerful as to be considered Balance Breakers

Though her might in the field has lessened ever since losing the Nomicon and regaining her sanity, which made her lose her bottomless supply of forbidden knowledge and tendency to push her experiments far beyond the moral pale, she did not lose any of her skills and remains the greatest researcher in Zeth, creating many inventions to help her allies such as Rizna's drugs to help her condition.

Gallery Edit