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Black Chaos Clinic

Black Chaos Clinic (ブラックカオス医院)Edit

A hospital run by a mysterious supernatural doctor Kawada. Despite the ambiance and her occasional mad-doctor-act, she is very compassionate and kind, a very powerful support for your team. She will operate on you for mutual benefit for a hefty price.

  • Each character can have up to two ability customizations at once.
  • Skills/Abilities that share the same name with skills/abilities given by characters and Binds do not stack.
  • Once a skill/ability customization is bought, you can switch back to it later free of charge.

List of CustomizationsEdit

  • Mental Focus (精神集中 seishin syuuchuu) 30000G
Gained Command Ability "Mental Focus" (SP Regen 20%).
  • ​Focus  (ためる tameru) 30000G
Gained Command Ability "Concentrate" (Tension +20) .
  • ​SP Save (SPセーブ SP seebu) 50000G
Reduces All Skill's SP Cost by 20%.
  • Tension Save (テンションセーブ tenshon seebu) 50000G
Reduces All Skill's TEN Cost by 20%.
  • Autorepair Program (自己修復プログラム jiko syufuku program) 15000G
Recovers 5% of Max HP every Player Phase.
  • ​Autorepair System (自己修復システム jiko syufuku system) 28000G
Recovers 10% of Max HP every Player Phase.
  • Calm Heart (心の安寧 kokoro no annei) 15000G
Recovers 5% of Max SP every Player Phase.
  • Open Heart (心のとびら kokoro no tobira) 28000G
​'Recovers 10% of Max SP every Player Phase.
  • Needlessly Hot-blooded (無駄にアツイ性格 muda ni atsui seikaku) 15000G
​​Recovers 5 Tension every Player Phase.
  • Hot-blooded Regardless (とにかくアツイ性格 tonikaku atsui seikaku) 28000G
Recovers 10 Tension every Player Phase.
  • All Stand (オール・スタンド) 16000G
Increases All Damage Dealt by 5%.
  • All High (オール・ハイ) 35000G
Increases All Damage Dealt by 10%.
  • Ogre's Chop (鬼の手刀 oni no syutou) 10000G
​Increases Physical Damage Dealt by 5%.
  • Demon's Great Arm (鬼神の豪腕 kishin no gouwan) 22000G
​Increases Physical Damage Dealt by 10%.
  • Crowley's Secret (クロウリイの秘 kurourii no hi) 10000G
​​Increases Magic Damage Dealt by 5%.
  • St. Germain's Secret (サンジェルマンの杖 sanjeruman no hi) 22000G
Increase Magic Damage Dealt by 10%.
  • All Sit (オール・シット ooru sitto) 16000G
Decreases All Damage Taken by 5%.
  • All Low (オール・ロー ooru roo) 35000G
Decreases All Damage Taken by 10%.
  • Soft Touch (ソフトタッチ sofuto tacchi) 10000G
Reduce Physical Damage Taken by 5%.
  • Velvet Touch (ベルベットタッチ berubetto tacchi) 22000G
Reduce Physical Damage Taken by 10%.
  • Sciencetific Coating (科学コーティング kagaku kootingu) 10000G
Reduce Magic Damage Taken by 5%.
  • Hanny Coating (ハニーコーティング hanii kootingu) 22000G
Reduce Magic Damage Taken by 10%.
  • Mid-range Magnifying Scope (中距離スコープ chuukyori sukoopu) 6000G
Increase Accuracy by 10%.
  • Long-range Magnifying Scope (遠距離スコープ tookyori sukoopu) 18000G
Increase Accuracy by 15%.
  • Camouflage Coating (迷彩コーティング meisai kootingu) 6000G
Increase Dodge Chance by 10%.
  • Scientifically Camouflage Coating (科学迷彩コーティング kagaku meisai kootingu) 18000G
Increase Dodge Chance by 15%.
  • Secret Sword of Yagyuu (ヤギュウの秘剣 yagyuu no hiken) 6000G
Increase Critical Rate by 10%.
  • Secret Sword of Kojirou (コジロウの秘剣 kojirou no hiken) 18000G
Increases Critical Rate by 15%.
  • Eagle Eye (鷲の目washi no me) 48000G
Increases range by 1.
  • Douglas Eye (ダグラスの目 dagurasu no me) 60000G
Increase Range by 1 and Accuracy by 10%.
  • Steady Attack (堅実な攻撃 kenjitsu no kougeki) 50000G
Increase Accuracy by 20% and Reduce Critical Rate by 20%.
  • Preparaton Stance (覚悟の構え kakugou no kamae) 80000G
Increase Physical Damage Dealt by 10% & Increase Skill Damage Taken by 10%.

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