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Black Chaos Clinic

Black Chaos Clinic (ブラックカオス医院)Edit

A hospital run by a mysterious supernatural doctor Kawada. Despite the ambiance and her occasional mad-doctor-act, she is very compassionate and kind, a very powerful support for your team. She will operate on you for mutual benefit for a hefty price.

  • Each character can have up to two ability customizations at once.
  • Skills/Abilities that share the same name with skills/abilities given by characters and Binds do not stack.
  • Once a skill/ability customization is bought, you can switch back to it later free of charge.

List of CustomizationsEdit

Name Cost Description
Mental Focus (精神集中 seishin shūchū) 30000G Gained Command Ability "Mental Focus" (SP Regen 20%).
​Focus  (ためる tameru) 30000G ​Gained Command Ability "Concentrate" (Tension +20).
​SP Save (SPセーブ SP sēbu) 50000G ​Reduces All Skill's SP Cost by 20%.
Tension Save (テンションセーブ tenshon sēbu) 50000G Reduces All Skill's TEN Cost by 20%.
Autorepair Program (自己修復プログラム jiko shufuku purogramu) 15000G Recovers 5% of Max HP every Player Phase.
​Autorepair System (自己修復システム jiko shufuku shisutemu) 28000G Recovers 10% of Max HP every Player Phase.
Calm Heart (心の安寧 kokoro no annei) 15000G Recovers 5% of Max SP every Player Phase.
Open Heart (心のとびら kokoro no tobira) 28000G Recovers 10% of Max SP every Player Phase.
Needlessly Hot-blooded (無駄にアツイ性格 muda ni atsui seikaku) 15000G ​​Recovers 5 Tension every Player Phase.
Hot-blooded Regardless (とにかくアツイ性格 tonikaku atsui seikaku) 28000G Recovers 10 Tension every Player Phase.
All Stand (オール・スタンド ōru sutando) 16000G Increases All Damage Dealt by 5%.
All High (オール・ハイ ōru hai) 35000G Increases All Damage Dealt by 10%.
Ogre's Chop (鬼の手刀 oni no shutō) 10000G ​Increases Physical Damage Dealt by 5%.
Demon's Great Arm (鬼神の豪腕 kishin no gōwan) 22000G ​Increases Physical Damage Dealt by 10%.
Crowley's Secret (クロウリイの秘 kurourii no hi) 10000G ​​Increases Magic Damage Dealt by 5%.
St. Germain's Secret (サンジェルマンの秘 sanjeruman no hi) 22000G Increase Magic Damage Dealt by 10%.
All Sit (オール・シット ōru sitto) 16000G Decreases All Damage Taken by 5%.
All Low (オール・ロー ōru rō) 35000G Decreases All Damage Taken by 10%.
Soft Touch (ソフトタッチ sofuto tacchi) 10000G Reduce Physical Damage Taken by 5%.
Velvet Touch (ベルベットタッチ berubetto tacchi) 22000G Reduce Physical Damage Taken by 10%.
Sciencetific Coating (科学コーティング kagaku kōtingu) 10000G Reduce Magic Damage Taken by 5%.
Hanny Coating (ハニーコーティング hanī kōtingu) 22000G Reduce Magic Damage Taken by 10%.
Mid-range Magnifying Scope (中距離スコープ chūkyori sukōpu) 6000G Increase Accuracy by 10%.
Long-range Magnifying Scope (遠距離スコープ tōkyori sukōpu) 18000G Increase Accuracy by 15%.
Camouflage Coating (迷彩コーティング meisai kōtingu) 6000G Increase Dodge Chance by 10%.
Scientifically Camouflage Coating (科学迷彩コーティング kagaku meisai kōtingu) 18000G Increase Dodge Chance by 15%.
Secret Sword of Yagyuu (ヤギュウの秘剣 yagyū no hiken) 6000G Increase Critical Rate by 10%.
Secret Sword of Kojirou (コジロウの秘剣 kojirō no hiken) 18000G Increases Critical Rate by 15%.
Eagle Eye (鷲の目 washi no me) 48000G Increases range by 1.
Douglas Eye (ダグラスの目 dagurasu no me) 60000G Increase Range by 1 and Accuracy by 10%.
Steady Attack (堅実な攻撃 kenjitsu no kōgeki) 50000G Increase Accuracy by 20% and Reduce Critical Rate by 20%.
Preparaton Stance (覚悟の構え kakugō no kamae) 80000G Increase Physical Damage Dealt by 10% & Increase Skill Damage Taken by 10%.