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Students of Kōryō Academy Edit

3rd Years

Teachers of Kōryō Academy Edit

  • Vennet Kojour - Used to be a magician's teacher, but now become a Headmastress in Kōryō Academy
  • Celles Loublan - One of the heroine in the 1st Pastel Chime, and also ex-adventurer. Decided to become a teacher so she can prepared if the accident 10 years ago aren't gonna happen again. Responsible in Scout Class.
  • Ney Gershwin - Manly and Build up Teacher. Responsible in Quickness Class.
  • Kurawasa Atsutane - Ex-Military Soldier. Responsible in Magician Class.
  • Sanada Kanryuusei - Old Pervert Geezer who left behind by the death of her wife. Responsible in Warrior Class.
  • Eve Lalyla - Busty but somewhat 'hungry' for cute boys. Responsible in Cleric Class.

The Others Edit

  • Rindou Saya - Rindou Rina's big sisters. S-Class Adventurer. One of the heroines in the Pastel Chime the 1st. (Warrior)

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