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(c)アリスソフト The map of the Pastel Chime world

Continent of Rubens Edit

On the continent of Rubens exist six major powers which include the Rastel kingdom, the Belvia kingdom, and the Vianki republic.

Kingdom of Rastel Edit


(c)アリスソフト Kingdom of Rastel's Flag

The nation's founder was born from an elven family (half-elves were also attached to the throne in the past). Rastel's main power existed in the form of magic of which wizards excel with unimaginable power. There is a rather large population of elves residing. The Kōryō Academy is located here.

Kingdom of Belvia Edit

A nation that is balanced in both magic and military. The Maizuro Academy is located here. The population contrast between the elves and humans are almost balanced evenly. There is a hidden group that serves as a race protection agency called GADERIA.

Vianki Republic Edit

The most advanced and powerful nation out of the whole continent. Many famous companies such as arms manufacturers "Farnese" and "Ginhoshi" are found here. Private Falneze AS is located here.

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