Pastel Chime Continue
Pascha port
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 2010/12/09
Genre / Rating Dungeon Crawling - RPG / 18+
Base price 5180
Voice partial
Pastel Chime Continue - banner
General info
World of Pastel Chime
Game mechanics
Items and Equipment


10 years have passed after the episodes of Pastel Chime. Nagihara Yūki is a transfer student from Private Falneze AS to Kōryō Academy in the Rubens continent. Dramatic encounters and reunions occur as he is transferred. As he spends every day at Kōryō Academy it will help him walk the earnest way of becoming a mature adventurer.

5 Years have passed after the original PC-Version of Pastel Chime Continue. 5pb and Alicesoft decided to port this title into PSP™ and released the game at Dec 2010. There was some change in the port version with as much as expected are the removal of the adult content. The rest are :

  1. Increasing the exploring time from 2 - 5 into 2 - 6.
  2. You can carry over Yuuki's stat, equipment, money, item, and everything you had when you finished the game into the next play from loading the clear data.
  3. You can find hidden treasure box while walking.
  4. A new item to restore CP.

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