Are we really such a big nuisance that Buron and Sigmason would overcome their hate for each other and join hands to destroy us?

—Rick, as surprised as confused by the enemies's decisions.

Pincer Attack
Type Interceptionx2
Objective Escape from Buron and Sigmason
New Units Pitten Chao (Mamatoto)
Chapter's Protagonist Kinggear
Location Mamatoto (Country)

Pincer Attack is the 4th Chapter of Mamatoto: A Record of War.


After Mamatoto managed to successfully defeat Buron's front line fortresses they started heading once again to the Monster Realm to gather more Monster Cards to increase their forces and hope to be able to defeat Buron. However, they suddenly noticed a big fortress approaching them from the west, it was a Buron fortress chasing after them. Kakaro laughs, saying that they are probably spited that a small country like them defeated their eastern squad, and remains calm as Mamatoto is a moving fortress that is much faster than the Large Fortress they sent to attack them and they will be able to escape from the with ease. They have one free path to get away but they soon notice two small fortress blocking the way. They don't belong to Buron but to the Military Nation Sigmason. Nanas thinks that they must be in the middle of a battle between the two rival nations, but Kakaro fears as he mentions that probably joined forces to take them out. Nanas reaches the conclusion that their only option is to defeat Sigmason's Fortress and pass through before Buron's Large Force reaches them.

Meanwhile in Sigmason's sortie room, a confident and attractive blonde man remaind quiet. It was one of Sigmason's top soldiers, the Gold Knight Pitten Chao. He doesn't like his current job, as he dislikes the idea of siding with Buron to crush a small country like Mamatoto and believes that Sigmason must have lost its pride. Another knight named Indigo Chickley is with him, ordering Pitten to stop complaining as it is a direct order from Bashou. The Gold Knight is annoyed by the way he talked to him, threatening him with a rhetoric statement. 

In Mamatoto's side, they can't believe that Buron and Sigmason have agreed to work together to destroy Mamatoto, but they remain confident that they will be able to escape safely. Kinggear, however, is concerned over something about the Buron Fortress that is chasing them and requests to not be deployed in the upcoming battle. He will stay just in case, but he doesn't want to say what has him worried, stating that if it's false it would be needlessly worrying everyone else. 

A battle against time between Mamatoto and Sigmason begins...


Nanas's AdviceEdit

"The enemy has two offensive squads. Defend on two fronts!

First a squad is coming from the front. It has 18-19 troops, of which 2 are combat engineers.

The commander is Sigmason’s Gold Knight, who I’m sure everyone is familiar with. He’s very skilled. In particular, he has strangely high resistance, so magic may not work.

One of you will go out in the front battle. I’ll have you take Kids with you.

The second squad is coming from starboard. It has 18-19 troops of which 2 are combat engineers. They’re all monsters. There’s no commander, but watch out for the Big Bear’s power and the mage type units.

One of you will go out in the starboard battle. I’ll have you take Kids. 

Those on standby should be prepared for the final defense battle at any time."


1st SquadEdit

  • Total Number: 19
  • Commanders: Pitten Chao
  • Initial: 4 Goblins, 2 Orcs, 2 Poison Bugs, 2 Mageman, 
  • Reinforcements: 2 Orcs, 2 Combat Engineer, 2 Goblin, 2 Ngyooh!
  • Treasure Chests: -
  • Gold: -

2nd SquadEdit

  • Total Number: 18
  • Commanders: -
  • Initial: 1 Big Bear, 2 Mageman, 2 Orcs, 2 Goblins, 2 Poison Bugs
  • Reinforcements: 4 Goblins, 2 Combat Engineer, 1 Catpot, 2 Orcs
  • Treasure Chests: Hanny Zippo, Electric Ball
  • Gold: 28 Gold, 20 Gold


Mamatoto managed to defeat the two smaller fortress and will be able to successfully escape from the Pince Attack, however, Jamos notices a Buron fortress approaching from their rear. Nanas and Kakaro note that it shouldn't be possible, as a Large Fortress should not be that fast and Jamos mentions that it's a different model from the one they saw before, a very small one that is oddly shaped but very fast. Seeing that's so small, they regain their hope and are about to send their troops to fight it off, however, Kinggear interrupts and tells them not to do it. He explains that it's a new weapon Buron has been developing called "Great Kamikaze Magic Orb", which he describes as a giant glass ball filled with magic that is sent to crash into an enemy fortress like a suicide bomb. Kakaro panicks while Nanas remains composed and manages to come up with a strategy. He plans on stealing one of the Sigmason Fortresses that they just faced in battle and use to crash the Bombing Fortress, however, he fears as he would need someone to operate it and direct towards the Kamikaze Fortress in order to protect Mamatoto. He quickly dismisses his own idea, as he finds it too dangerous, but Kinggear immediately refuses to turn it down and claims that he will carry the mission. Despite the fact that Nanas is immersed with doubt, Kakaro and Kinggear manage to convince him to let him do it. 

Kinggear inflitrates in the piloting room of one of the Sigmason Fortressses in order to steal it, where he comes across the Knight Indigo Chickley. He introduces himself as a Mamatoto Commander and openly announces that he's going to steal the fortress, engaging in battle alone against the knight and his small platoon. 

Solo BattleEdit

  • Total Number: 5
  • Commanders: Indigo Chickley
  • Platoon: 3 Kobolds, 1 Mageman
  • Treasure Chests: 28 gold
  • Gold: 20

Kinggear is able to come out victorious and starts making his way towards Buron's Suicidal Fortress. Meanwhile, the Bombarding Fortress is about to reach Mamatoto and Kakaro fears that Kinggear used the Sigmason Fortress to run away. However, when they were about to receive the blow, Kinggear appears with the stolen fortress and covers Mamatoto. The fortress was covered in a brilliant flash upon crashing with the Bomb and half of it was completely destroyed. The explosion was so big it was heard even inside Mamatoto, with Nanas and the others remaining astonsihed at the scenery. After the battle within Mamatoto's Heart was won, Nanas frantically ran to the destroyed fortress where Kinggear was in along with his allies. Kinggeear remained wounded sitting against a wall, but he was alive. Nanas quickly ran to his location, concerned over his condition, but Kinggear claimed that he will be fine after some rest, with Murat emphazising on dwarves tenacity. He received a lot of praise from the Mamatoto commanders, who complimented his bravery and efforts. Hero then carried him on his back and they all returned to Mamatoto once again.

They immediately headed to the Monster Realm to escape from Buron's main fortress, and they were able to narrowly escape destruction for the time being. Kakaro is finally at ease after being able to escape, congratulating his son for his commanding. Arvy arrives at the throne room with tea and the family start having a peaceful celebration, with Kakaro overjoyed for having two wonderful sons.

Later, Nanas visits the prison cell to talk with his most recently captured prisoner, the famous Gold Knight Pitten Chao. He greets the Knight, who's suprised that Nanas was brave enough to visit him on the prison cell on his own. After a short conversation, Pitten is interested in Nanas, who requested him to join Mamatoto as a commander. He refuses however, feeling insulted that the General of Mamatoto would send a kid to carry his message, and claims that he might consider it if the General prostates to him. An euphoric Nanas knees immediately and asks him to join once again, leaving a confused Pitten. Nanas presents himself as the General of Mamatoto, which comes as a complete shock for the Gold Knight. Pitten develops a deep respect for Nanas, admiring the humbleness of the man that is renown as a brilliant tactician that kneeled without second thought to a mere prisoner. He accepts Nanas offer, joining Mamatoto as a commander as a result.

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