A subspecies of Humans created by the Gods, they live deep underground and they are incapable of using magic. They're currently in line to become the fourth Protagonist Race, since they exist to serve as a back-up for mankind in the event of a global catastrophe that wipes out humanity, they are resilient little creatures that reach up to 60 cm of height. Their have cute small bodies with big heads, similar to the SD style. Fish is their favourite food.

The environmental adaptation ability of the Poppins is incredibly absurd. They can live comfortably in absurd temperatures such as -100°C and 80°C, they can breathe underwater, they can survive in a vacuum, they can frolick around a nuclear radiation zone and they breathe poison gas like it's regular air. However, they can still die by usual methods like murder, disease or accidents, their environmental adaptability is all they have going for them in terms of survivability. While details ara unknown, Dragon Poppins existed in the distant past like Dragon Kalars did, but they were apparently completely wiped out.

The Poppins are a tricky and intelligent species, and they've made up for their inability to use magic with creative and ingenuitive inventions using springs, levers and gears. 

The Poppins have invented a variety of vehicles, excavation machines, fighting machines and utility robots to help them in their daily life.