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Poppins are a subspecies of the Protagonist Race created by the Supreme God Roven-Pan.


A typical male poppin.

Rarely ever growing any taller than 60cm, poppins resemble extremely small Humans with disproportionately large heads and facial features. Like humans, poppins come in both male and female sexes and possess a wide range of different hair and eye colors, making individuals of the species highly diverse in appearance. Poppins clothing is generally adorned with large decorative bobbles, and frequently includes large hats and shoes with upturned toes.

Due to the way in which their bodies are proportioned, poppins are frequently viewed as being very cute by larger races, and are occasionally compared to stuffed toys in appearance. They are generally cheerful, carefree and mischievous, but are capable of mustering admirable courage in the face of adversity.

Like the Kalar, the current incarnation of poppins are technically known as “human poppins”, due to being genetically derived from humans. As poppins are a subspecies of the protagonist race, they shift in appearance and ability whenever a new protagonist race is chosen. For example, Dragon poppins were known to exist during the time when dragons served as the protagonist race, but were apparently completely wiped out during the dragon purges of the AV Era.

Due to their small size, poppins have very short natural lifespans, with the average poppins only living about 20 years. Individuals of the species are recognized as having reached adulthood by the age of five and are considered elderly after reaching age 15. Along with their short lifespans, poppins are also extremely weak physically, and can be easily killed or injured when attacked by a larger species. Additionally, poppins are largely incapable of practicing any kind of Magic, with a magic compatible member of the species only being born once every thousand years or so. As a trade-off for these weaknesses, however, poppins also possess an absurd level of environmental adaptability. The species is capable of living comfortably within temperatures of -100°C and 80°C, suffering from no adverse effects after being coated in nuclear waste or poisonous gas, and breathing underwater or within a vacuum as though air were present. This extremely high level of adaptability, when coupled with their small size, allows for poppins to be able to live within almost any space, making them a surprisingly resilient species. Despite their astounding environmental adaptability, poppins are not totally immune to all ailments, and can still be killed from disease.


Poppins more than make up for their physical weakness through their impressive and powerful machinery.

Outside of their excellent environmental adaptability, poppins possess exceptionally intelligent and crafty minds. Members of the species are naturally inclined towards invention, and are capable of creating complicated and incredible mechanical devices entirely through various combinations of springs, gears and pulleys. Through technological prowess and creativity, the poppins have devised countless helpful devices to assist them in daily life, including large mechanical soldiers and tanks to guard their territories from intruders, excavation machines to use for mining resources, and transportation vehicles to assist in moving great distances. Poppins technology is considerably more advanced than most of what can be found on The Continent, with a device built by a skilled poppins craftsman being of comparable quality to something built by Maria Custard, a human engineer considered to be a genius in her field.

Poppins reproduce sexually and possess genitalia that is too small to be compatible with any non-poppins race. Because of this, interracial relationships that include poppins are exceedingly rare and are generally frowned upon as being depraved and criminal by both poppins and non-poppins. A rare mutation exists among male poppins that causes them to possess disproportionately large, human-sized genitalia, preventing them from being able to engage in sexual contact with other members of their species while allowing them to engage in it with larger races. Sufferers of this mutation are frequently shunned as outcasts by the rest of poppins society, which often causes them to live dangerous and illegal lifestyles in order to lash out against it.

Poppins are designed to play a very specialized role within the Planner Scenario. Due to living underground, poppins are much more likely to avoid the conflicts that occur on the surface of the Continent than the other species of the protagonist race. Alongside their excellent adaptability, this allows the poppins to be capable of continuing to exist within environments that would be deadly for their kin. Because of this, poppins serve as a “backup” of the protagonist race, intended to take action in case the main players and kalar have been wiped out by an environmental disaster.

Poppins reside in underground cities built beneath the surface of the Continent. The species’ territory is divided between two major superpowers: the Anja Gas Kingdom and the Allergy Nation. The two countries share good relations with each other and hold an annual Olympic games where inventions from both areas are pitted against one another in various events to determine which is superior. Poppins society values ingenuity and inventiveness above all else, causing all of its important figures to be talented inventors. While poppins are not overtly hostile towards non-poppins races, they do not often interact with them due to living underground. A national defense organization exists that patrols the borders of both poppins countries in order to ward off any potential intruders, which often results in non-poppins visitors being mistaken for being hostile and getting attacked.

Poppins society experienced several changes following the 2nd Dark Lord War in the year LP0008. Following the marriage of Toshiba, the prince of the Anja Gas Kingdom, and Hitachi, the princess of the Allergy Nation, the two poppins countries became united under a single banner, known as the Poppins United Kingdom. Relations between poppins and the other races of the Continent also improved substantially, with a poppins ambassador holding a seat among the demi-human council in Shangri-La.

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  • Poppins are heavily derived from the portrayal of gnomes in the Dungeons and Dragons series of tabletop role playing games in terms of both appearance and behavior.
  • While poppins are capable of eating all of the same foods that humans can, they are particularly fond of fish, to the point of incorporating it into almost every meal they prepare.
  • Despite debuting in Rance Quest, poppins were designed as early as the original Toushin Toshi, released in 1990. In earlier drafts of the game, a group of poppins were meant to be groping the character Fila while she was stuck in between two walls rather than the Okayu Fever responsible for doing so in the final game.

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