Professor Moganda
Japanese モガンダ
Romanization Moganda
Race Tousho
Sex male
World The Continent
Appeared in Rance IV

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About Edit

Doctor Moganda was a mad Tousho scientist and the one responsible for freezing Sanakia and killing her party. He was obsessed with recreating the Toushin Toshis. He was killed by Rance and his party.

Personality and Appearance Edit

He is a very short man and look quite human for a tousho with a head like a turnip. He cares little for people and sees them as little more then experiments.

Abilities Edit

As a tousho Moganda had an extended life span and near-immortality. His most notable aspect was his intellect and mechanical skills to the point he was able to make cyborg monsters. His greatest weakness is his low combat ability barely able to hold his own against weaker opponents.