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About Edit

The Main Player Race, or Protagonist Race, is the term given to the dominant species on the Continent, the one that is the focus of the struggle against the Demon King and the Dark Lords. It is the species that Ludo-Rathowm observes the most closely, and the species designed by Supreme God Roven-Pan

Everything the Protagonist Race struggles against is a bid to entertain the Creator God. Battles against the Demon King, being terrorized by the Dark Lords, fighting monsters or internal power struggles, all of these things make Ludo-Rathowm happy. So naturally, when Ludo-Rathowm begins to yawn and grow bored, Ragnarok is initiated and the world begins anew, with a new Protagonist Race to replace the previous failure.

Protagonists Races Edit


Round Ones Edit

Simple bio-organisms created as prototypes. They all floated in the air and varied in sizes and forms. They were extremely weak, like bugs, and Ludo-Rathowm soon grew bored of them.

They were deemed as failures and exterminated although their data was used to create current monsters like Circles and Magballs.

Typical Traits Edit

  • Fragile, not physically stronger than bugs.
  • Made up of light souls.
  • Floated in the air.

Dragons Edit


Since the Round Ones were too pathetically weak, Roven-Pan made up by making the most magnific race to ever populate the continent. Dragons were wise beings with long lifespans, wielded incredible strength and boasted a gigantic size. They truly were the closest thing to a perfect race.

However Dragons were so strong and wise that they brought world-wide peace quickly followed by utopia after defeating the Demon King (despite forever losing their ability to reproduce during the war). This enraged Ludo-Rathowm and he ordered dragons to be exterminated by an army of gods, launching the first and so far only Ragnarok.

Still, a handful few dragons were spared, living away from most mortal eyes.

Typical Traits Edit

  • Incredibly powerful beings, strong enough to even take down the Demon King.
  • Long lifespans.
  • Clever and wise.

Humans Edit


Ludo-Rathowm yawned at the Round Ones and was infuriated with the dragons, so Roven-Pan worked the hardest for the third protagonist race. He reached the conclusion that Round Ones were too weak whereas Dragons were much too powerful, so his goal was to make a more balanced race. He designed humans as very weak and flawed, easily led astray by their emotions and lacking mobility, but still sturdy enough to defend themselves, coupled with disparate strength and intelligence, as well as a resolution strong enough to struggle for survival.

Ludo-Rathowm was pleased by humans and considers them to be his favorite species, which is why they have been allowed to live for many milleniums, much longer than their predecessors, and are still on going as the current protagonist race.

  • Their bodies are weak, preventing them from ever defeating the Demon King.
  • Their hearts are fragile, enabling them to easily fall to despair when their hopes are crushed.
  • They have limited lifespans, ensuring that they never fully mature.
  • Still, they are adept tool-makers and have a few outstanding individuals in their midst.

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