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Pupa Man
Japanese さなぎ男
Romanization sanagi otoko
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monster
World The Continent
Strength Very Low / Medium-High
Appeared in Rance 4.1, Persiom, Rance 5D, Galzoo Island}}


The Pupa Man is an unusual type of Guy Monster with an exceedingly weak force of will. Their appearance is rather odd, resembling a common sausage with arms, legs and a simple face consisting of a mouth and two small black eyes. They're very weak Monsters largely incapable of fighting, fearful and low-spirited. If they're attacked they are unable to respond and do nothing but cry and beg to be spared, making them look rather pathetic as monsters and easily butchered for an easy source of experience points.

All these traits making the Pupa Men seem like one of the weakest and most pitiful creatures on the world, but they have an incredibly dangerous ability to compensate for their non-existant fighting prowess. The Pupa Man have the unique skill to transform into a large and powerful monster called Raiden. Once in this form every trace of their former self can no longer be found, becoming ruthless and unperturbed creatures with incredibly high power. The Raiden have a great affinity towards electricty and discharge it like a furious thunderstorm mercilessly obliterating every foe at range.

Despite this powerful transformation, the Pupa Man can only employ it when they're panicking, usually when targetted by enemies, and the transformation is process that takes a considerable amount of time, and they can easily be defeated before they managed to complete their mutation. More experienced adventurers will often target them to prevent them from transforming and saving themselves the trouble of facing their evolutive form. However if a Pupa Man managed to transform into a Raiden, even high level warriors won't find an easy battle against him, and any inexperienced adventurer foolish enough to have given him the opportunity to transform will face a living hell.

Trivia Edit

  • He's a parody of a Japanese Tokusatsu named Inazuman in which the hero can transform into Pupa like monster named Sanagiman and can then further transform into the superhero Inazuman who use electricity as his main power.