Quattro Ako
Japanese クワトロ・亜空
Romanization kuwatoro akū
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The United Human Organization of Soviet

A political prisoner held within the UHOS territory Laguri. Three prisoner of war compounds are located in this territory and Quattro Ako is within one of them. When encountered Ako claims to have been practicing and honing his skills so that he may overthrow the UHOS single-handedly. Ako was sealed inside of a hidden door, that he claims to have sealed himself; eating the mushrooms that grew there.


Recruitment: Hit the very right imprisonment ship during Laguri invasion (the third battlefield). Then talk to him during the events phase once.

Skill: 機先 "Forestall": The admiral with this skills gains a 10% damage increase if at full health.

Command Points: 390


Fixed slot for his flagship "BB-X Tsukumo: Radar -240 Laser -360"
All stats +20%
Locked No ship
Locked No ship
  • 210 of his 390 points are taken by his fixed ship, meaning you're left with 180 points to spend on the 2nd slot, just enough for another battleship.
  • In spite of controlling battleships, his 1st slot gives him tremendous speed
  • 2% Growth Rate


  • Ako's conversations about gold coloured ships, red being a faster colour and his event names are all Gundam related jokes.
  • The character is also a reference to an older character from the Dai series, Abao Akuu from Daibanchou. The change of his name to Quattro mirrors the change that Char Aznable undergoes from the original Gundam to Zeta Gundam, the sequel.