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Rafalia Musca
Japanese ラファリア・ムスカ
Romanization rafaria musuka
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas
Level limit 41
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1, Guard Lv1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance
I'm already perfect. I don't need to change.

—Rafalia, confident with herself.



Rafalia using her sexual appeal to earn advantage with Rance.

Rafalia Musca
is a character that appeared exclusively in the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance. Born into a wealthy family Rafalia is a very ambitious girl, aiming to become the supreme commander of the Leazas military and the top commander in Leazas' history. She is first encountered in the female-only Military Academy created Rance after he becomes the King of Leazas and has the option to join Rance's army upon graduation (or sooner if Rance cannot wait). 

In the Academy she was considered a genius, being deemed by the head instructor, Aviator Scott, as the most talented student in the school. She was very skilled at leadership and even more so at swordsmanship. Unfortunately she was also extremely arrogant, looking down on the instructions she would receive in the academy, claiming that she was already an expert and shouldn't waste her time in such things. Despite these opinions, she didn't actively oppose her instructors and always kept a very courteous and solemn demeanor in the Academy, unless Rance was around. Rafalia is harshly critical of soldiers having affairs, but after Rance visits the academy a few times she offers her body in an attempt to convince him to make her graduate as a commander immediately (whether she succeeds or not depends on player's choice). 

Eventually Arlcoate Marius enrolls in the Academy and Rafalia develops an intense one-sided rivalry against her, becoming threatened by Arlcoate's abilities for fear of losing her position as the Academy's top student. Arlcoate was the total opposite of Rafalia. She was timid and lacked self-confidence, and her swordsmanship wasn't nearly as impressive as Rafalia's, but she was a genius tactician with an outstanding talent for military strategy and army battles, giving her a far greater potential as a Commander than Rafalia or anyone else in the Academy. This led to Rafalia drugging Arlcoate in a (failed) attempt to surpass her in their final exams, which is eventually discovered. In the fallout, Rance can either hold Rafalia's graduation back as punishment - recruiting Arlcoate instead - or promoting Rafalia in admiration for her ambition.

Should Rafalia eventually join Rance's army, she constantly oversteps her authority. She undertakes independent investigations into private institutions, withholds salaries from her subordinates, and makes inquiries into the personal lives of soldiers, actions she believes she's entitled to. She will even (unsuccessfully) pressure Rance to fire Rick Addison and promote her to General, with the goal of becoming the leader of Leazas' entire military.  



In battle, Rafalia wields a rapier with great skill.

In battle, Rafalia is incredibly skilled at swordplay, wielding a rapier with grace and power. With a level of 30 and a level cap of 41, combined with Sword Combat and Guard skill levels, Rafalia showed great potential as a warrior. Even the former Captain of the Royal Guard, Aviator, was impressed with her upon their initial meeting at the Leazas Academy.

She's a very assertive and confident leader, leading her army with skill and efficiency. She's also a talented tactician, but she can't compare with a genius like Arlcoate. 

She's at her best in offensive battles, due to her aggressive demeanor and borderline reckless initiative in battle. However, she's also noted for facing a morale decline when things don't go as planned or when the enemy has the upperhand.


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  • Her character was largely retconned into Tillday Sharp in the canonical timeline.
  • Despite her incredibly hostile relationship towards Arlcoate, Tillday in the canon actually befriended Arlcoate.