Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee...That's my sword style!

—Rafalia, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A natural swordswoman that graduated from the Girl's Military Academy.

She's at her best in offensive battles, but she tends to get upset when a fight takes even the slightest bad turn.


  • Build the Girl Officer School, then visit and meet with Rafelia until you're given the option to make her enter military service as soon as possible. She will join 1 month after making that choice. If you don't recruit her then, you will have to wait until after the final exam event and recruit her then (with a choice between her and Arlcoate). If you pick Arlcoate over her, you will still be able to recruit Rafalia but after waiting 20 turns.


"An ambitious girl that graduated from the Girls' Military Academy and became my subordinate.

She's young, but she knows how to attend to me well.

She's pretty cute." -Rance


  • If you recruit Rafelia before the final exam, you will not be able to get Arlcoate.
  • If you've recruited her, she gets her happy ending. If you've recruited Arlcoate and not her, she gets her unhappy ending.


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