The world must change. While humanity’s split into nations at strife, the fight with the monsters will be unwinnable. Now is the time that humanity must unite... Mhm. That is the purpose of our journey. A journey to reform the world by saving the weak, crushing the strong, and helping everyone to love one another.
If freedom isn't gained by people who doubt the system and rise up, fight, and earn it by themselves, it has no meaning or value.
This country... No, the human realm, even, needs to be united soon to prepare to fight the monster army...
Ice Flame... They're necessary for reviving our country.
Hey, no fighting, you two. Friendship is beauty, get along.
... It's just as Lucy said... Is a great incident occurring...? Something is about to start... But we... Humanity is not prepared...
No, it’s perfectly fine to have a love of women. Great men enjoy sensual pleasures. That’s how a man should be.
This is... The scream of the weak being oppressed somewhere to the north!! This is an emergency! I must go!!
I can't. A man doesn't go back on his word.
You fooooooool!!! There are enemies right below you! You would ignore them to study?! How irresponsible!!! Can you still call yourself my daughter?!
Particularly on the battlefield, I feel that magic is cowardly... I’ll try using a sword when I can. Wahahah.
Zeth may be in unprecedented peril, but now that the people have joined forces, they can accomplish anything. Nothing to fear. Aah... To think that I would be able to see such a glorious sight in my generation.
It’s all to unite the world... Zeth will be destroyed, but humanity won’t. This is a good thing...
We mustn’t worry even one iota about the country. If we do, we’ll lose sight of what’s important.
You mustn’t lose your temper, Suke-san. It’s unfair to only help the victims. People commit crimes because of sorrow in their hearts... If that can be erased, they should stop committing crimes. Reforming the world means curing those afflicted by the disease known as crime, too. Now give them some money.
Look at these men. At their faces. They could never pick up a woman normally like that. That has caused them sorrow and led them down the wrong path. If you give them the love to satisfy them, they should return to the proper path. Now, Kaku-san, have sex with them. Give these poor, ugly men love so they don’t have the desire to rape any more women.
Mhm... Peace is good.
My intuition tells me that Rance is a great man. His seemingly poor behavior is probably part of some plan.
Ooooh... How manly... Rance... You're too great.
Hoh, so you'd prefer a woman to money... Mhm, you're a true man. I like you.
I’m sorry, that was rude... Your lively personality just put me in a good mood. As the rumors say, a hero and a lover of women... Excellent, that’s very admirable.
Wahahahaha. You're quite direct. I just keep finding more things to like about you.
...Excellent. For moving me so intensely, I will follow King Rance. I... I... Uu...!
Zeth, huh...? I’ll give Zeth to King Rance. Yes, in order to unite humanity. No need to fuss over individual countries, they’ll only divide us. Whether a person is of Leazas or of Zeth, all humans should be equal.
Ooh, very good, King Rance. Wahaha, that's fantastic. Just what I'd want out of a great hero, the man I have hope in.
Magic, my daughter... Understand that we humans shouldn’t be hostile towards one another. If humanity remains divided, we’ll eventually be destroyed by the monsters. Before that, we must gather around a hero. I believe that King Rance can do it. He’s the hero of the prophecy. That’s why I abandoned my country. You should look at the big picture too, Magic... If you do, you’ll realize how minor a concern Zeth is.
Sileeeeeeeence!! He’s a true hero! I have no doubt!!
I'm not the king anymore (according to me), so I'm using the freedom to fight for justice without restraint.
The rest is on you, Chizuko. I think I'll go on a journey.
Listen, Chizuko. King Rance is the prophesied messiah. A hero. Receive the messiah’s love and have his child... There’s likely no greater happiness in the world. That’s what I want for you.
King Rance, would you have sex with my foolish daughter?!! My daughter may be irredeemable and fated to go to hell, but... No, because of that...! The only person in the world who can save my daughter is our messiah, King Rance! However foolish my daughter is, if you sleep with her and give your affection I’m sure she’ll understand your love. Go ahead.
How was being touched directly by King Rance? I’m sure you must understand his greatness now. Know his love, Magic... King Rance’s great love...!
Thus I’ll continue to live my life incognito... Wahahahahah, waaahahahahahahahah...