Personal HistoryEdit

  • GI0998
    • 0-One-Armed-Knight

      The One-Armed Knight

      Rance was born on January 5th.
  • GI1002 4 years old
    • A young boy is brought to the small village known as Gomorrah Town by a One-Armed Knight. The One-Armed Knight dies shortly afterwards. The boy, who calls himself Rance, is taken in by the chief of the village.
    • The boy had lost his memory, and his past was known to nobody around. His wonderful manners, smiling face and friendly attitude quickly won over the hearts of the villagers. He was especially fond of the village chief's maid, Alfno, and would have baths with her.
  • GI1005 7 years old
    • Rance got lost while exploring a monster-infested forest, the village presumed him dead.
    • One week later, he returns to the village covered in blood.
  • GI1006 8 years old
    • ​Rance was strong in fist fights and became a leader of the brats of the village. Although he was raised by the village chief, he was treated as a servant boy instead of an adopted son. He wasn't treated as well as the two daughters of the mayor, and made to eat with the servants.
  • GI1010 12 years old
    • Graduated from elementary school and despite his yearning for higher education he is denied the opportunity by the village chief. He is employed as a full-time servant for the chief and his family.
  • GI1011 13 years old.

    The village's chief daughters.

    • The household of the chief had two beautiful young sisters, they were the daughters of the village chief. The elder sister was gentle and sympathetic towards Rance for his lack of further education.
    • The younger sister was intolerant and believed that Rance should often be reminded of his low social status. Rance was very fond of the elder sister, and took advantage of her kind nature. He would play with her and cause mischief by flipping her skirt and hugging her.
    • As his playful mischief became more and more aggressive, the elder sister became increasingly less comfortable around Rance, but her inherent kind nature prevented her from telling him to stop it. The village chief eventually found out about Rance's antics and the boy was punished heavily. He was told to never approach the elder sister ever again.
  • GI1012 14 years old
    • 0-Rance-14-years-old

      Rance at the age of 14.

      The younger sister, full of sexual curiosity, attempts to dry fuck with Rance, who she sees as a lowly dog. Rance, although filled by a strange desire, was forced into the girl and they both lose their virginity. The younger sister, once rude and arrogant, had been totally subdued by this session of intercourse. Rance was shocked, he had never felt anything so great before, and he saw a girl that once taunted him reduced to a timid mess. Armed with youthful vigor and the belief that any arrogant girl could be subdued with sex, Rance starts to fuck the girls of the village in a sex marathon. He fucks eight of them in total, including the elder sister. The village chief finds out that both of his daughters were violated by Rance, and beats the boy within an inch of his life. Rance is exiled from Gomorrah Town.
    • Rance walks along the road in the pouring rain, and a female warrior (21 years old) comes across him.
    • He immediately tries to cuddle her so he can fuck her and make her submit, but she sees his impure intentions and beats the crap out of him.
    • The female warrior decides that she'll take Rance under her wing and teach him the ways of the world.
  • GI 1013 15 years old
    • 0-Female-Warrior

      The Female Warrior that taught Rance the ways of the world.

      Rance travels with the Female Warrior and learns all the skills he needs to survive in the world. She teaches him about forming relationships with girls, and about contraception. (Until Sill comes along, he tries to be careful with his sperm). Rance tries to fuck the female warrior many times, but she defeats him every time before he even gets a chance.
    • Their relationship was that of a mentor and disciple, rather than that of a brother and sister.
    • Rance and the female warrior traveled together for about 2 years. He grew to respect her as a teacher and a mother figure.
  • GI1014 16 years old
    • The female warrior dies during an adventure, Rance is left alone once more. He tries to enlist as a soldier with a vigilante group, but gets kicked out for insubordination in under a week. Rance attempts to join many guilds, but none of them suit his style and he hates taking orders. After a while, Rance joins Keith's Guild, where he once stayed. 
    • Keith, was an old friend of the female warrior. He becomes Rance's father figure and gives him a position in the Keith Guild. Presumably this is when he started living in the town of Ice.
  • GI1015 (= LP0000) 17 years old
    • Rance fucks a lot of women. One of them is a girl in a wealthy family and had an abortion, causing Rance to begin taking birth control into consideration.
    • A fiendish woman named Sally tricks Rance into doing dangerous missions for her, and he ends up in severe debt. He pursues her for two months and punishes her thoroughly. 
    • Rance and five other adventurers are brought to a strange old mansion, where they find themselves confined. The lord of the mansion is a wicked wizard that believes that one of them is the Guardian Hero, and schemes to possess his body. Rance defeats the wizard, but the other five adventurers die, none of them were the Guardian Hero.

Warning – the following information contains spoilers to the various games Rance appeared in.

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