The name of this super cool guy is Rance. I'm a hero who'll one day conquer the entire world and create a huge harem.
I'm Rance. I'm a warrior of justice, which is plain to see if you look into my clear, honest eyes.
There's only one of me in the world, so I don't need a last name.
Gahahaha. My hyper weapon will pierce the heavens!
No way! No one can deny me my freedom! This is guaranteed by the institution of democracy.
A starry sky... How beautiful... There must be countless shining young girls in the world, just like stars in this night sky... I'm sure they're out there waiting for me.... Man, I'm such a romantic!
Whew, this country's a mess. It's not like there's any difference between mages and non-mages. The only categories that matter are good women and everyone else!
Stop crying! That and dying are the worst things! Don't do either!
You two are good women too, Rizna, Copandon. But... But if I have to pick one woman, one I'm used to using is more convenient. And I'm not bored of her yet. Sill. You're gonna be my slave for a little longer still. Don't run away now.
I once owned a female slave, who had puffy pink hair. Her name was Sill Plain, and she was a good-for-nothing slave. Yes, just a slave. A great hero like me wouldn't care about someone like her. But since only I could help her at the time I found her, I had no choice but to take her in. Well, she wasn't that useless. She could do housework, was able to perform magic, and above all else, she would have sex with me whenever I wanted. Sometimes people would get the wrong idea and assume that we were lovers. Heh... A slave is a slave. It doesn't make sense for someone as great as me to be with her. I simply kept her out of convenience. Yeah, that's all there is to it.
...Stupid... If you die... There’s nothing that anyone can do about it... I worked so hard to rescue you from that prison, and yet... You go and do this... Idiot... Why did you die...? Stupid...... Stupid... Sill... I’m still alive... I’m alive, so... I’ll live how I want... When you were alive, I’m sure you never noticed... How you would hold me back... But oh well... So... Sill... Stay here... And look at that... Idiot...
Forever... I want you to stay with me forever. Because... I... Like you... From the moment we first met... I've always liked you. Never leave my side again. Stay with me forever. That's an order.
Some other morons might try to look cool and lie about caring about peace and shit, but I wouldn't do that.
Doesn't matter who or what it is. If anyone gets in my way, I'll crush them! That's all there is to it.
Well, if the world's about to be destroyed, that just means I can do what I want more than usual. I love freedom, gahahaha.
Thank me. You all should cry at least once an hour in appreciation.
If you want to put it into so many words... I'm a winner. You're a loser. That's our relationship.
My manly dick, stretched out to the heavens, is truly a gallant sight.
That's a woman for sure. And those foxes are trying to kidnap her. I'll save her, and she'll thank me with sex! That's how I'd write it.
My Hyper Weapon wants to teach you something about this cruel world. I should give you some educational guidance.
Suffering’s for the sick. If we can’t do anything about it but worry, then we should play!!
A man's worth, and whether they've succeeded in life, is determined by the number of women they've fucked.
Uh, do you realize what you're doing right now? You talk about how mages discriminate against you, but isn't this discrimination against them? Realized it, moron? You annoy me, get out.
I'll kill anyone who retreats! Keep advancing if you don't want to die!!
Shut up. I was able to do many things people said were impossible. Do you know why that is? I'll tell you why. It's because I'm a hero. Nothing is impossible for me.
The way I see it, neither of you are doing the greatest job, though. What he does is violent for sure, but what you do is weak. Killing more people than necessary's one thing, but it's naive to hope you can change anything without sacrifices.
Even for a font of love and patience like myself, this is starting to get a little irritating!
I could make it into my own floating castle... And give it a name like... Invincible Rance Castle!
All sins are absolved when they're committed for justice.
I was given life to fuck the Demon King.
Shut up!! Who do you think I am?!! I’m the great Rance!! When I say I’ll do something, I do it!! I don’t go back on my word!!
Don't wanna help you. Nowadays, guys who go around saving people for no rewards are just hypocrites with superiority complexes. Of course, I’m an ally of justice, but I’m not a hypocrite.
Are you stupid?! My Hyper Weapon's more important than my life. Don't say that lightly.
Oh yeah, I think I heard about him before... I always immediately forget anything I hear about men.
Grrr... Well, I want to and your feelings are less important than mine.
Kanami, you're a ninja, right? Go find Rosé in three seconds.... One... Two... Three... You're useless!!
The horny guy reflected in the mirror is Rance. A cool guy.
Grudges? Against me? I can only think of countless people who should be thanking me...
Damn stupid sun, making it morning whenever it wants even though I'm sleepy. Who does it think it is? Doesn't it know it has me to thank for its continued existence?
Gahahahaha. It's my right as the winner. If that bothers you, then get stronger and win!!
Girls should be treasured. I'm a feminist, you know.
Do the heavens oppose me? DID I PISS YOU OFF, HEAVENS!?
I took the slate from the regular photographer girl. This is an act of justice.
Mhmm... That cloud looks like a girl's ass.
Really? I don't think there are any good people who'd give orders to commit mass murder.
Huh? I can drink plenty. My refined palate just doesn't agree with the cheap stuff. If it's premium-grade, I can gulp it down like water!
Shut up, you walking illegal man!! I'm the basis for everything in this world!!