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The story begins with Rance receiving his latest job from Keith at the guild: locate Hikari, the daughter of a prestigious family in Leazas.

  • Play through the initial tutorial as you follow the road to the town.

When you arrive, Rance sends Sill off to gather information by infiltrating Hikari's school as a student.  Too late he realizes that she has all their money.

  • You can stroll around Leazas for a little while if you like, but it won't get you very far - you can't track Sill down at the academy, nothing of interest is happening at the bar, and the town square just gives Rance a couple of (CG-less) peeping opportunities.
  • Eventually night will fall, so make your way to the inn.  The innkeeper Nami doesn't know anything about Hikari, but she does still expect to be paid for the night; Rance puts up his sword as collateral, leaving you weaponless for the moment.  Poke around your room and try unsuccessfully to score with Nami if you want, then go to sleep.
  • The next morning Nami wil suggest the item shop as a possible source of info, adding it to the map, so make your way there.
  • Patty the shopkeeper doesn't know anything about Hikari either, but she suggests that her friend Millie at the weapon shop might.You can't go to the weapon shop in the morning.
  • Millie likewise has no specific information, but does refer to a band of thieves who've been kidnapping girls; she says the man who runs the bar in town had his daughter taken by them.
  • He confirms this when you go talk to him.  Figuring he can kill several birds with one stone (get paid, rescue a girl, follow up a lead on Hikari), Rance offers to help.  The barkeep gives him 100G as a down payment.
    • For whatever reason, you can't use this money to pay Nami and get your sword back, so equip yourself at Millie's shop.
    • You can go to the academy and shake Sill down for an additional 50G (she spent the rest on her entrance fee), although this still isn't enough to buy very much.
  • Around this time you'll start running into a girl (Kanami) after leaving an area.  She seems to panic and run away when she sees Rance.
    • The first time, Rance makes a note to ask her out the next time he sees her.
    • He doesn't have any more luck the second time; once she's out of range, Kanami expresses shock that Rance could detect her.
    • The third time, he manages to talk to her.  Realizing that he's just a lecher, and not some highly-trained enemy agent, she asks him to meet her in the park at night.
    • If you go to this meeting, Rance tries to put the moves on her; suddenly, she disrobes into ninja garb, puts a knife to his throat, and warns him to drop his investigation of Hikari.  She then leaves - with your purse.

The Thieves' HideoutEdit

  • Head outside the city to go to the thieves' hideout.  Note that going there during the day or night will force you into an engagement with lookout thieves, and will be hard to win.  If you go during the afternoon they'll be at lunch, at which point you can enter easily.
    • Once you're in, there will be a room that has an enemy that acts as a doorkeeper to the lower levels of the hideout.  He must be defeated to proceed down the set of stairs.
    • If you visit the warehouse several times you'll get a wine bottle that you can give to Nekai Sis (Thief Leader's second in command) for an H-scene.  You can also go further in the warehouse to see Man trapped in cement.  You can search around the area and get an elixir named "Miracle Omega" (do NOT use it, you will need it for Miki quest later.)
      • This quest will eventually make the elixir drinkable, and you can use 1 of 3 chants for different effects:
        • Super Brute: +160 Max HP
        • Supply Revision: +2 Chip Slots
        • Thirteen Main Street: 3x Attack Power when unarmed (not using any chips)
    • Further in there is the Thief Leader's room, which is not accessible unless you have a key, which the Thief Leader's second in command does.  However, she won't give it to you unless you fetch her some grapewine that's in the area.  She'll hand over the keys once you find it and deliver it to her.
      • You also get an H-scene for giving her 250-year sake (from the warehouse on the upper level).
    • Head to the Thief Leader's room and beat him.  You'll have an H-scene with the bar owner's daughter.  Head back into the town bar and they will reunite, and you will also be rewarded with gold as well.
  • After a certain time, Kanami will attack you again for ignoring her warning of dropping the investigation of Hikari.  Defeat her, and she'll run towards the castle.  Rance runs after her, only to be blocked by the guards (who scoff that a ninja would be in Leazas).
    • In order to go through the castle, you will need a Castle Passage Note to go through (which, coincidentally, Sill has from her academy).  You will need to make sure that Sill is NOT at the academy (and encounter Sill's "friend" instead, who is actually Maris Amaryllis in disguise).  Go to the park at noon time where you will find Sill feeding a dog.  You will be able to get the Castle Passage Note from her there.
  • If you are level 13 at this point, you should have received an ALICEMAN copper coin (Every 3 levels after level 13 will award you another coin).  Present it to the holy statue outside the city and you can choose one of the following:
    • All-or-Nothing: Critical Damage UP
    • Super Regen: 15% HP Regen after battles (Highly recommended you choose this first to last longer)
    • Strong Hips: Able to travel even at 0 HP (instead of dying)
    • Strengthen Immunity: Status Ailments are shorter
    • Battle Enthusiast: 20% increased Exp
    • Miser: 20% increased GOLD
  • Around this point you should already have access to the info store (after some dialog between the other places).  Generally you can ask the robot for girls you can H, and it will list the specs of all of them (Attacks, special moves, lucky numbers, and when to engage them.)
    • The robot also sells 3 items that you can repurchase once used:
      • An anywhere door screen(Allows you to access your storage box while inside a dungeon)
      • Save Lion (Allows you save while inside the dungeon)
      • Weekly Hit Points (Allows you see how much HP the enemy has.  It is shown through the Battle Log at the start of battle.)  This item can also be consumed to restore 50% of your HP.
    • The robot will also have new options depending on how far you have gone through the game.
  • At some point after rescuing the bar owner's daughter, if you go at the noon you will meet with Hazuki, who's a dealer at the casino inside Leazas Castle.  One of the dialogue options allows you bet 100G on a 50-50 gambling game.  Keep doing this several times and she'll offer you to play at higher stakes and hands you her business card.

The CastleEdit

  • Once you enter the castle grounds, a new isometric map is before you. The guest room of the castle replaces the functions of the inn outside the castle.
    • In order to get into the casino (Hong Kong Macao), you need to bring with you the business card that Hazuki gave you at the bar to go in.  You'll need at least 500G to challenge her.
    • (More walkthrough to come)
    • If you challenge  Hazuki, you will reach a moment in which she will cheat so that you do not win. After you noticed it, stop playing and attempt to leave. A girl will approach to you but will soon be separated from you.
    • Go to the park at night in order to find her. She is Aki, and she will ask you to save her sister Yuki.
    • Go to the prision inside the castle at morning so that you find that the guardian is a little kid, who will stop you.
    • Go back and talk with Menado about that girl. She will tell you that the kid gets sleepy if hears a boring talk.
    • Go to the prision and talk about nonsense things. Once that the girls is asleep, you can get kind of a H-scene. After that, you are required to follow a pattern of cards that enable you to reach the cell in which Yuki lies.( I follow card number 3 3 4 5 4 4 5 4 4 3 4 4 3 2 1) You get an H-scene after the meeting.
    • Yuki will tell you the secret to beat Hazuki. Go to the bar at noon (not night) to request the bar owner to give you a special beer.
    • When challenging Hazuki, you will be able to counter her cheating. Commonly, the order is: red, red, black, black, and so on.
    • After beating her, you can challenge her once more for a better reward (The order of colors may remain the same according to the previos challenge). If you win, you can get an H scene by chasing her. If you lose, however, you will lose an enormous amount of money.
    • Another venue here is the coliseum.  When Rance sees the rankings and sees "Ninja Master", he is reminded of Kanami and wants to punish her, so he decides to join the tournament.  Unfortunately he does not have a Invitation which is exclusive given by the King.  At this point, you will get a new explore location, the "Throne Room".
    • In the Throne Room, you will meet with the King and Queen of Leazas, where the King is rather crazy.  Choosing to "Attack the King" or "Attack the Queen" twice will make Rance attempt to do those tasks, only to be slashed at by a guard, dealing 555 damage.
    • Talk about wanting to participate in the Coliseum several times.  The king will babble on, and a new option will appear (Keep talking with the king until Noon/Night).  Once that option appears, just leave and go outside the castle.  Go to the I, NET (Info shop) and you will see a new option appear that allows you to obtain information on how to get a Coliseum Invitation (this info is free).
    • The robot will tell you to talk to Menado, the girl who is guarding the castle gate.  Apparently, she has one of those, but can't use it as she's part of the Leazas guard now.  Rance will ask her for it, and she agrees under one condition: to exterminate the zombies in the graveyard.  You will get a new location outside the castle called "Heroes' Graveyard", which can only be accessed at night.
  • At the Heroes' Graveyard at night, you and Menado compete to see who can kill the most zombies.  Rance, as always, uses underhanded methods.  You spring traps (blue cards) at every opportunity you get, finally forcing Menado to face a Zombie Elf.  Your traps will also force Menado to be in trouble, allowing you to fight the Zombie Elf (540 HP).
    • Once you defeat it, you can keep trying to "Attack Menado", and it will say that Rance needs to distract her.  Talk to her once, then choose "Attack Menado" again to get an H-scene where he fucks her in the graveyard.
    • At this point, since she has fallen head over heels for you, you can go in and out of the castle without the Castle Passage Note.
  • At some point you will read in the newspaper (at the inn) that the group of thieves remnants are causing trouble.  Once you go into the weapon store you will see Milli get attacked by them.  Rance automatically kills them.
    • Later on, when you go to her store again, she leaves a note saying that she has gone somewhere and won't return for a few days.  Head over to Patty's store and ask Milli's whereabouts.  She'll panic and tell you that Milli is heading for the lake (You should have passed by this at some point when you were grinding outside, or even tried fighting the Lake Monster and dying easily).  Talking to Patty several times will have her give you a golden hanger, which does over 1000 damage.  While this is not needed to beat the Lake Monster, it will certainly help if you are underleveled.
      • NOTE: You will have 2 days from after seeing the event where she's absent from her store to rescuing her at the lake.  After those two days are up you won't get a chance to do this again.
    • Go to the lake and you will see Milli.  Defeat the Lake Monster and Milli will explain why she's indifferent to everything (She was unlucky when she was little, with her dad hanging himself from debt, and her mother and siblings died to sickness.  She wished on a shooting star to become happy, and it said "Let it be so."  Afterwards, anything that she thinks will bring her harm are forced to avoid her.  Everytime she was to compete or set a goal, she will inevitably win or achieve it due to this "Fortune".)
  • After getting the Coliseum Invitation, you will start from 10th place, and can only challenge people 1-2 ranks higher than you.  Also, you can only challenge once per day.  When Rance gets 8th place, the 6th place opponent (named Jean) will come to you and attempt to fix the match between you and him in return for gold.  Of course, you are not obligated to honor the promise in any way, so take all the gold you can from him, then win against him.  Afterwards, you will see the champion, Yuran, come by and you two will talk a little.  Jean will also come and ask about Yuran to become his wife.  Yuran refuses, saying that she'll only think about it once she's defeated by him.  Rance, hearing this, decides to aim to be the champion and have sex with her.
    • Once you get to rank 6th, you will see a scene where Kanami and Menado eat lunch together.  Kanami talks about her troubles with Rance, and Menado talks about her relationship with Rance (both don't know they are referring to the same person).
    • Once you challenge rank 4th, Ninja Master, it turns out it was somebody else.  Defeat him, and Maris will come and invite you to Lia's room.  Lia will ask that you exterminate ghosts at their holiday mansion (located outside the castle).
    • If you go to the Coliseum again afterwards, you will meet Ninja Master who's actually a Leazas Guard.  He'll give you a scroll which changes an individual's personality.  Rance plans on using it on Sill later.
      • Have the scroll in your inventory when you call out Sill at the Academy.  There will be an option where you can use the scroll on her, and you will get another H-scene with Sill on top of Rance.
    • Once you get to 2nd place, you will have another chat with Yuran.  You also get to see her demonstrate her sword skill, the Phantasm Sword.  Rance thinks that skill will be hard to beat, so afterwards head to the Academy and call out Sill, and you can ask about how to win against Yuran.  Sill suggests using something slippery so that the her sword slips through.  Rance thinks of going to the Beachhouse Shop to get something slippery.
    • Head to the Beachhouse and ask Patty for something slippery.  She'll first suggest pomade, then purslane, which is a slimy grass that is tasty when eaten.  She'll offer it at 30000 GOLD because the harvest for this is bad this year (apparently it's 3 GOLD per kilo).  She also mentions that the castle grows a lot of these.  Afterwards, the Purslane will show up as a purchasable item.
    • Head to the castle gate and Rance will ask Menado about purslane.  Apparently the maid just gathered some and is at the kitchen.  A new location will appear.
    • Head to the kitchen and you will meet Haiji, an unfriendly-maid working there.  You will also see the purslane that you need, but you be refusted to take anything from here.  You can head back to Menado and talk to her about it.  She'll mention how someone is stealing bread from the kitchen at night.
    • Head back to the kitchen and talk to Haiji about a bread-stealing thief.  She'll mention about how even the thief has circumstances.
    • Go visit the kitchen again at night and you'll catch Haiji red-handed hiding bread under her skirt (she tries to talk her way out of it that she found out she was a man.  Rance figures it out easily ("Nobody has THAT big of a magnum!").  She then tries to make an excuse that she's stealing bread for her family (The true reason is that Haiji wanted to eat tasty white bread, instead of the black bread given out to maids.)
    • An option will appear for you to ask about purslane, and Rance can threaten to tell on her for some of it.
    • Once you have the purslane, go back to the coliseum and use it in battle.  Please note that its only effective for a couple of moves, so it is best to use it when she's using the Phantasm Sword skill.  For a time after you use it, her attacks will be pitifully weak, allowing you to defeat her easily.
      • While it's possible to defeat her without using purslane, you will miss out on getting the H scene with Nami.
    • Once you have defeated her, you can go back to the inn and try to attack Nami.  She'll still defeat you, but Rance figures out he can use purslane again.
    • Unfortunately, you can't get Haiji to give you some more (you can however, H her for not learning not to steal bread).  You will have to actually earn 30k gold and buy it at Patty's Beachhouse shop.
    • If you go to the empty room(room that you can sleep) in the castle at noon, you will find a maid there. You can get an H-scene if you have in your inventory the "third class gift" that Milli gives as a lottery reward.

The Haunted MansionEdit

  • Go to the haunted mansion and try to go up or down the mansion.  You will not be able to go up (barrels will keep rolling towards you) and you will not be able to go down either because it's locked.
    • Beware that these monsters are several times stronger than most of the monsters you encounter outside the city and the graveyard.  You may need to level up a bit before tackling this area.
    • Head back to Lia's room and you will give her a status report on the mansion.  Once you leave, she'll have Kanami leave written instructions on how to open the door inside the mansion, as well as the key for it.
    • Head back into the parlor room inside the haunted mansion.  This time, you will see a piece of paper on the table.  Read it and it will tell you how to open the door to the stairs below.
    • Also, if you inspect the fireplace several, times you will engage in a fight against 3 monster. If you managed to defeat them, you will get a powerful sword.
    • You can get the "fire leaf" (required of a H-scene with Patty), if you enter in the "bookshelf room". However, the H-scene is only available after  previous dialog about fireleaf  with Patty.
      • Once downstairs, select the card that says "Mysterious Presence" and you'll meet with the former thief leader's second in command, Nekai Sis.  She'll be selling you keys to get into rooms in this area.  The first key will be the "Frog Room", which has a naked girl being tortured.  Rance joins in in an H-scene.
      • Afterwards, you'll see that you're being watched by Lia and Maris, and that she plans on making you her pet once you are finished.
      • Go to the "Mysterious Presence" again and she'll sell you the "Cow Key" before leaving the area.  This time, go to the Cow Room and you'll see yet another girl being tortured.  Rance H's her.(i found cowkey in the park)
        • If you revisit the room again you'll get the "Unlucky Glasses" item for Milli.  This only occurs when you talked with Willis about destiny and she mentions the glasses.
      • Keep going and go into the "Squid Room".  You'll see another scene where Lavender (the ghost girl) is being tortured again.  Keep looking around the room and you'll find a small key to something.  Take it.
      • That key is for the diary from the ghost girl, which is in room of the second flor. In order to get there you need to get the red hammer (Found in the store from Patty). Then, once you reach the floor, you will fight the gorilla that was throwing the barrels.
      • After the fight, the first room you will see will allow you to get a powerful shield if you decide to enter several times.
      • In the second room of the floor, you can find the diary from the ghost girl, if you inspect several times the bed. In order to open it you are required to have the key from the "squid room".
      • The diary will inform you about the time at which the torture for the ghost girl lasted. Go to the first floor and enter in the "clock room", then manipulate the clock with a hand, and the ghost girl will appear.
      • Talk with the ghost girl and you will discover the master mind behind the hole plot.
      • Go to the castle and face the princess. After the scene, you will need to track the princess hideout.

The princess' hideoutEdit

  • Before attempting to go after the princess you can do somethings that you have skipped.
  • By this time, if you go the info store and ask about new item, the "eye reader" shoulbe available.This item makes possible to read the thoughts of the people, which may come helpful to know what you need to get more H-scenes.
  • If you use "eye reader" on the bar girl, you will discover that she wants the vibrator from the thief boss.
  • Go to the hideout from the thieves and recover it from the boss room.
  • Give the vibrator to the bar girl in order to get an H-scene.
  • If you give to Patty the fireleaf from the haunted mansion, you will get an H-scene. Also, after that, you can get another H-scene just by assaulting her.
  • If you have not read the newspaper,  the CG about Milli getting attacked by Thieves may never appear, even if you start to read it by now.
  • You will not be able to H Sill now, but you are compensated with she in your team.
  • You can get H-scenes and a power boost from the elixir previously gotten by performing the "Mouse sub-quest".
  • That consist about going to the empty room in the castle at night. There you will meet a human size mouse, who will make the elixir drinkable if you accept to get the panty from Miki.
  • You can find her at the other room next to the empty room. However, when you attempt to remove her panty, she will manifest her hidden power, which deals around 400 hit points.
  • After some attempts, Rance will suggest to buy a random panty. Go to the store from Patty, ask for the object,  buy them,  and then attempt to hand it to the mouse, but it will realize the trick.
  • From the beginning of the noon (3 o´clock) go to the empty room and trick the maid so that she gets the panty; then, at 4 o´clock, go to Miki room to get the panty. Now, if you made all of that correctly, at 5 o´clock you can go to the Miki room and flip her skirt, in order to get another H-scene. However, be conscious that  the previous pattern is the one that will allow you to get the previous H-scene. If you fail and are unable to enter into her room the same day she lost her panty, you will miss the H-scene.
  • Also, Miki will deal 999 hit points after the previos H-scene. If you die, do not worry, you still get the H-scene.
  • You are still able to get the H-scene from the maid from the empty room if you have not.
  • It is suggested to be between the levels 25 - 30 before going to the princess hideout. Nevertheless,if you have the appropiated equipment, you may survive.
  • Anytime you see a Gal Monster you can get an H scene by defeating it with the panty or syringe sold in Patty's shop.
  • If you think that you can beat the hordes of enemies with your current level and do not need anymore, H Willis.
    • At a certain level Willis will request an item dropped by the Mythcorn outside the city. Give this to her for the scene.
  • Once Sill is on your team, head to the haunted mansion and go to the basement.
    • Head into the cat room to find Hikari and then return to the town.
    • Go back to the basement and go downstairs again to find the secret passageway to the castle.
    • Defeat the Jellyfish enemy here and choose the leftmost card next twice to reach the dungeon under Lia's room.
    • Fight Kanami each time until she powers up. She is guarding Lia's hideout.
    •  In the hideout you will have to fight a Golem, Maris, and the Final Boss before the end scenes


Left to right, top to bottom. 

Page 1

  1. Scene you get when Rance calls for Sill and then choose to attack her,
  2. Scene where Sill feeds a dog when found in the Park. This event is to grab the traveling pass inside the castle. If Rance tries to summon Sill in school, a disguised Maris will be there instead.
  3. This scene can be found in the same scene as above. 
  4. Scene where Sill changes her personality due to the scroll after being used when Rance calls for her. The scroll can be obtained after beating the Rank 4 guy in the Collesium. 
  5. Scene where Sill saves Rance when he was cornered in Lia's room.
  6. Lia Scene #1 during the ending
  7. Lia Scene #2 during the ending
  8. Maris scene after she is defeated the first time
  9. Kanami scene where she asks Rance to go to the park and warns him to stop his investigation. She will also take his wallet
  10. Scene with Kanami and Menado. This scene can be triggered once you H Menado
  11. Scene with Kanami where her true form is finally defeated
  12. Scene with the bar's daughter after you enter the Thief leader's room

Page 2

  1. Scene with the bar's daugther after the Thief leader's defeated
  2. Scene with the bar's daugther after the vibrator was obtained from the Thief's leader
  3. Scene with Kami after she is defeated
  4. Scene with Millie after she is attacked by the thieves. This can only be triggered by reading the newspaper.
  5. Scene with Millie after the 'Unlucky Glasses' were obtained
  6. Scene with Patty after her first H-Scene and disappeard for 3 days. Simply attack her to trigger it
  7. Scene with Patty after the 'Fire Leaf' was obtained
  8. Scene with Willis after obtaining an item from the Rank A Horse monster outside of the city
  9. Scene with Menado when investigating the ruins
  10. Scene with Menado after the Zombie Girl has been defeated
  11. Scene with Yuran using the purslane to defeat her in the arena
  12. Scene with Yuran without using the purslane to defeating her in the arena

Page 3

  1. Scene with Yuran getting raped by others. This event cannot be triggered if money was given to the thief during the casino when Yuran's missing
  2. Scene with Mitsuki where she is stripping
  3. Scene with Mitsuki where she completely lost and ran away
  4. Scene with Aki and Yuki after Yuki is found from the basement prison
  5. Scene with Miki where Rancs is trying to steal her underwear
  6. Scene with the maid after the Straw was given to her
  7. Scene with the maid after she was found stealinn bread
  8. Scene with the loli guard after she slept
  9. Scene with Tortured girl initially seen when entering the haunted mansion
  10. Scene with Tortured girl when entering the Frog room
  11. Scene with Toretured girl when entering the Cow room

Page 4

  1. Scene with Hikari after she is found
  2. Scene with green cat monster girl (Found in the beginning areas outside of the city)
  3. Scene with black cat monster girl (Night time, same as above)
  4. Scene with bee girl (Found in the cemetary)
  5. Scene with bee girl (Found outside of the city near the end)
  6. Scene with Zombie girl (Found in the cemetary)
  7. Zombie Elf scene #1
  8. Zombie Elf scene #2
  9. Zombie Elf scene #3
  10. Zombie Elf scene #4
  11. Scene with blue squirrel (Found in 2nd floor of haunted mansion
  12. Scene with Mermaid (Found in underground reservoir)

Page 5

  1. Scene with Scorpion girl (Found in basement of Haunted mansion or underground reservoir)
  2. Scene with Black Scorpion Girl (Night time, same as above)
  3. Scene with snake girl (Found in underground reservoir)
  4. Scene with red skinned snake girl (Night time, same as above)
  5. Scene with Lynx girl (Found near outside of the city near the end)
  6. Ending scene

H-Scenes Edit

A lot of this information will be taken from walkthrough guide. Make sure you do all 'person' till they are completely bloody red.


  • First scene: Triggered by simply calling her out, then attacking her
  • Second scene: Triggered by finding her at the park during afternoon time when you need to obtain the travel pass to enter the castle, This can only be done once you beat Kanami and the castle entrance area becomes available. 
  • Third Scene: Triggered by having the personality scroll within your inventory. This item can be obtained by entering the collesium again after you beat the Rank 4 player (Has to be done the following day since it closes after a battle is done).

Lia/Maris/Kanami, Tortured Girls, Hikari

  • All their scenes come as the game progresses. They are unavoidable.

Paruputenkusu (Bar owner's daughter). Let's call her Paru

  • First Scene: Immediately triggers when Rance enter the thief leader's room
  • Second Scene: Automatically triggers when Rance kills the Thief's leader
  • Third Scene: The bar owner will tell you she goes to school during the day and is only available in the bar at night. When entering the bar, you noticed she seems down and is worried about something. Unfortunately, Rance was unable to get the answer out of her. Go to the information building and you will be able to purchase an item アイリーダー for 980g. Keep this item in your inventory, go back to the bar again and there will be an new option available to use this item. Rance was shocked after finding out what it was. Head back to the Thief's leader's room and you will be able to find the vibrator. Simply give her the vibrator to trigger this scene.


  • Engage in all events to attack her (You lose HP) till they are all red
  • Defeat Yuran in the Collesium by using the purslane
  • Purchase the purslane for 30,000 from Patty
  • Attack her with the item in your inventory


  • First Scene: Triggered by reading the newspaper to views events where the Thieves are causing trouble (Seems to be very random. It took a long time for it to trigger for me).
  • Second Scene:
    • After the first scene is triggered. When entering the shop again, you noticed there will be a note saying she is gone for three days. Once this is triggered, you must beat it within the time limit. The best thing to do is to deal with this ASAP
    • Speak to Patty of Millie's whereabouts
    • Head outside the city to find the Lake. 
    • Defeat the Lake Monster. You will get to hear a story from Millie
    • Once Millie recovers, attack her again till the event goes red
    • Speak to Willis. She will mention about the 'unlucky glasses'
    • Go to the haunted mansion basement in the Cow's room to obtain it. If you have the key, let it be consumed after you visit the torture girl's scene. Simply go in there again to get the glasses
    • Go back to Millie and attack her again


  • First Scene: Make sure all person events are triggered till they are red. Head to library in the haunted mansion and search for the Fire leaf
  • Second Scene: After the first scene, she will disappear for three full days. When she returns, simply attack her again.


  • Once you achieve level 20, she will state you are getting a lot stronger. Talking to her, she will tell you to kill a 'A Rank' Horse monster outside of the town. Simply obtain the item from the horse once it is defeated to trigger the scene


  • When entering the Cemetary, visit all four blue related areas and then simply defeat the Elf Zombie Girl. If all four blue related areas are not visited, she simply gives you the pass to enter the collisium battles, and you can no longer view the scene.


  • The Stealing Bread Maid H-scene should be obtained first
  • First Scene: Defeat her using the purslane
  • Second Scene: Defeat her by not using the purslane (Reload the game after you accomplished this)
  • Third Scene:
    • Head to the weapon shop and you noticed she is in her casual clothing
    • Head to the park and you noticed she is on a 'date' with Jean or something of that nature
    • Head to the collisium and you noticed Yuran's missing
    • Head to the Weapon shop, item shop, level shop and, information center but do NOT go to the casino under any circumstances. The H-scene should be viewable by then
    • Visit the Collisium again (Optional)

Mitsuki, Aki/Yuki and Loli Guard

  • You will visit her during the bar in the day time. Simply bet 8 times (Win or lose) and you will obtain her business card
  • Once you can enter the castle, simply visit the casino at night time and gamble again. After the fourth time, you noticed she will start cheating (If you choose red and win, it magically turns out black). Leave the casino and you noticed Aki will speak to you and tell you that it's impossible to beat Mitsuki due to cheating
  • Visit the park during the night time to meet Aki. She will beg you to save her older sister Yuki, who is currently in prison underneath the castle
  • Head to the prison area during the morning and you will encounter a Loli guard who will not let you pass
  • Speak to Menado. She will tell you the loli guard goes sleepy if being engaged with boring conversation
  • Speak to the Loli guard again and feed her some jibberish. Once she is asleep, attack her to view a scene.
  • Head to the prison to find Yuki. There will be a 3-some scene inside the prison room.
  • Once the H-scene is over, Yuki states there is a mini monster that is altering the results and loves Sake.
  • Head to the bar during the day to get a Sake from the owner. Make sure this item is in your inventory.
  • Gamble with Mitsuki again and beat her four times (Order is random). During the 5th time, if you have the item on you, she can no longer cheat. You will need to beat her 5 times in order to get her completely naked. The order I won was: Red, Red, Black, Black Red. 
  • Once she is fully naked, gamble with her again and she will run away. Simply chase her to get the scene.

Maid in Rance's guest room

  • Purchase items from the weapon shop until you get a Straw (Value is 10g). Give this item to her.

Stealing Bread Maid

  • When Rance beats the rank #2 person in Collisium, there will be a scene where Yuran shows her special technique. After witnessing this technique, Rance feels there is no way to beat her and is thinking of ideas.
  • Head to the School and summon Sill. Ask her for some advices and she recommends something stick you can use 
  • Speak to Patty about this. She said it will cost you 30,000. Since there is no way to get 30,000g (Unless you cheat), these are also grown in the castle's backyard
  • Speak to Menado for more information. A new area will be opened
  • Enter the new area (Kitchen) and speak to the maid. Unfortunately, you are unable to get the parslane (Used to defeat Yuran)
  • Speak to Menado again. She will tell you there is a Thief stealing bread recently.
  • Head back to the kitchen again and speak to the Maid to obtain more information. She is acting very suspcious.
  • Head back to the kitchen again during night and you will witness the maid you are speaking to is actually the thief
  • Steal the Parslane, but make sure you get the H-scene before leaving


  • You will get an elixir when searching in the thief's hideout inside the room where a man was trapped in the wall(You need to go 2 times in the same round,in the second you will find it)
  • Hold onto the elixir and head to the castle guest room during night time
  • Present the elixir to the perverted mouse (Hentai Mouse)
  • She will request you to steal Miki's underwear
  • Miki's room will be available, but you cannot enter it until it is afternoon
  • Head in there, repeat the 'Hand' event (Flipping her Skirt) till it is red. Everytime you do so, you suffer 400+ HP
  • Rance is about to give up as it is impossible to obtain it legitimately. Head to Patty and speak to her. An item will be available for puchase, which is a pair of underwear (Not her's). Purchase it and bring it back to the mouse
  • The mouse realizes this is not Miki's due to the scent and it was rather new.
  • At 3pm, go back to your own, save the game (Make sure you do) and speak to the Maid. There will be a new option for her to do laundry. She will get out of the room quickly and attempt to wash Miki's clothes. 
  • At 4pm, enter Miki's room. You won't really enter her room but there is an event triggered in the hallway where you can finally obtain her underwear.
  • Head into her room again (5pm) and flip her skirt once more. You will realize she is not wearing any underwear this time. She gets really mad this time and lands a blow on you for 999 damage.
  • Game Over screen comes up, so just reload the game again.

Nekai - Thief-Sceond in command (Or Onee-san)

  • Go to the thief's hideout (B1) and head to the warehouse 3x to obtain the 山裂250年. 
  • Give it to her when you visit her room

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