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Enemy stats

Note: All items in Inventory except for Equipment disappear at beginning of every stage

Name Cost Type Effect
Red Thread 50G Equipment +2 Luck
Sill's Armor - Equipment Given by Maria Custard in Stage 6
Energy Drink 50G Consumable Restore Full HP (Stage 6 only)
Seirogan 2G Consumable Restore +10 HP (Stages 1-5 only)
Candy - Consumable Give to Arcee to Ask questions, Restore Full HP if used in battle. Cake Girl drop (Stage 3)
SM Whip 5000G Misc Allows for new scene when H'ing Sill (Stage 6)
SM Rope 10000G Misc Allows for new scene when H'ing Sill (Stage 6)
Photo - Misc Lewd picture of Maria Custard

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