This page is about the original 1991 release of Rance III. If you're looking for the remake, click here

Rance 3 - Fall of Leazas
Rance 3 -リーザス陥落-
Rance 3 - Rīzasu Kanraku
Rance 3 - package
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 1991/10/15
Genre / Rating RPG / 18+
Base price 6800, 0
Voice none
 Rance 3 
Rance 3 - logo
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Story Edit

Leazas has fallen due to an attack from Helman, and Lia has been captured! Kanami finds Rance and asks him to help. Dark Lords were most likely involved in the attack and Rance needs to find and regain the holy sword and armor in order to gain the legendary Chaos, the only thing known to be able to damage dark lords, in order to free Leazas from Helman rule.   

Releases Edit

  • Originally released in October of 1991 for PC98, X68k, and FM-Towns
  • Ported to Windows as part of Alice's Cottage 456, released in December of 1997
  • Original game manual can be found here [1]. (Japanese only)

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