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Beginning Edit

After the start up intro (which can be skipped by hitting any key), there is a menu:

始めから New game
ロード Load
アリスの館 Alice's Cottage

"New game" and "Load" are self-explanatory. The "Alice's Cottage" contains "Staff's corner", "Development diary", "Game hints", and "Staff credits" (the last option returns to the main menu).

Menu options Edit

Common options include:

  • 見る - look (around, or at a specific object)
  • 考える - think (about current situation)
  • 話す - talk
  • 使う - use
  • 襲う - H
  • 休む - Rest
  • 出る - Leave/exit
  • 入る - Enter
  • 移動 - move
  • 旅立ち - travel
  • キャンプ - camp

Travel mode Edit

While traveling, the following options are available:

  • 進む - move towards destination
  • 戻る - moves back to starting point
  • 見る - look...
    • まわり - around (finds monsters to fight)
    • 仲間 - party members
    • やっばりやめる - cancel
  • キャンプ - camp

Battle Edit

At the beginning of the battle, you have three choices:

  • Begin battle (manual)
  • Auto battle
  • Escape

After choosing manual battle, you can still opt for auto anytime by right-clicking, and pick the second choice.

Under manual battle, the options are:

  • Move
  • Attack
    • Normal attack
    • Rance attack
    • light attack
  • H (only on gal monsters)
  • Rest (recovers ST)
  • Item
  • Command (standby/act)
  • Escape
  • End

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