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Western Tower Edit

Floors Hit Points Girl Monster Notes
Green Hanny 1-4 20
Ham Bambara 1 27 scripted
KyanKyan 1-4 40 Yes does not attack

Under Church & Surface Central Area Edit

Floors Hit Points Base XP Girl Monster Notes
Asshole B1 30 53
Black Nurse B1 50 59 Yes heals, weak to light
Blue Hanny B1 100 60
Chasoba B1 60 55
Cockatrice B1 112 60
Death Flame B1 80 48 weak to ice, immune to fire
Okayu Fever 200 weak to fire?
Science B1 58 66 Yes weak to electric
Treasure Lump B1 31 10

Research Core Edit

Floors Hit Points Base XP Girl Monster Notes
Bebetar B4 185 scripted
Blazer B4 190 Yes scripted
Blue Hanny B5 100 scripted
Fighting Bone B1-B5 205 98 weak to light
Green Hanny B5 20 scripted
Jumper B4 200 Yes scripted
Konnichiwa B1-B5 30 56
Man-Eating X68 B1-B5 128 115 weak to electric
Mecha Ham Bambara B1-B5 200 80 scripted on B1
Mecha Kol B5 392 scripted
Mecha KyanKyan B1,B5 100 67 Yes does not attack, scripted on B1
Professor Moganda B5 300 scripted
Sailor B4 200 Yes scripted
Sanakia B5 220 scripted
Scream Man B1-B5 100 89 immune to non-elemental
Sour B1-B5 90 87 Yes
Treasure Lump B1-B5 36 10

Supply Core Edit

Floors Hit Points Girl Monster Notes
Bitch B2 25 scripted
Cake Girl B1-B3 150 Yes
Dens B2 509 scripted
Hubert B2 268 scripted
Magic Farmer B1-B2 130
Merim B2 26 scripted
Love Me Tender B3 2000 scripted
Okayu Fever B2 200 weak to fire?
Puryo B3 50/180
Rommel B3 50
Sulphur B3 120 Yes
Tree Chasoba B1-B2 120

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