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General info
Game mechanics

Time System Edit

New to this Rance game is limited time days. After waking up each day, you have limited number of steps and battles in dungeons before Sill will recommend Rance to head back for the day. The exact number of steps/battles seems to have slight fluctuations. Battles will cost time even if you run away immediately.

Camp Edit

Item Edit

  • Check - item's description; check here for equipment stats
  • Use
  • Equipment - used only to equip and unequip; to check current equipment's stats, use Status

Status Edit

Mostly self-explanatory. STR affects how hard your "weapon attack" hits. INT affects spell damage for casters.

Think Edit

You can figure out what you should do next to progress with story here.

Call Edit

System god is responsible for all save/load data, settings, and CGs.

Calling Level God(dess) Willis allows you to level up given sufficient EXP. Characters heal back to full after gaining a level. Note that at higher levels, Rance gains slightly less EXP from the same monster, so being as low-leveled as possible may be helpful. A character may hold only up to 65535 EXP.

At certain levels, some characters will gain access to new abilities (e.g. Rance Attack, Sill's spells, Kanami's Fire Bowl)

In Rance 4, her apprentice, Mikan, will also appear. Occasionally, Mikan will want to perform the ceremony - if you allow her to, she will always screw it up, causing one of the following effects:

  • Set Rance's current XP to 0 (most likely)
  • Triple Rance's current XP
  • Increase the power of Rance's current weapon by 3

The order of these effects seems to be predetermined. Regardless, saving before calling Willis is highly recommended.

150th Level God Call Edit

When you call Willis for that number of times, she will give Rance 1 of 3 presents to celebrate her 100,000th summon:

  1. 1000 gold
  2. God Armor (C): 45 defense
  3. Strip show

Rest Edit

Spends around an hour to let all party members heal up. No cost associated other than time.

Battle Edit

Monster Aggro Edit

All monsters, even bosses, have the same priority for choosing attack targets.

  • The closest person will always be targeted primarily.
  • If more than one people are closest, the enemies prioritize characters in this order:
    1. Rance (highest)
    2. Sill
    3. Merim
    4. Rick
    5. Leila
    6. Julia
    7. Kanami
    8. Maria
    9. Shizuka
    10. Athena 2.0

Assault Edit

For Rance to assault a gal monster, she must be at or below 1/10 of her max HP. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Battle Settings Edit

You can now set whichever party members you want to act automatically/manually. If set to act automatically, the character will move after the previous party member on party list moves (the same order as the list of party members in Camp > Status).

There are 2 types of auto in Rance 4. Full auto makes the character follow the same (crappy) prioritization the enemies use in battles. The mages also tend to be pretty suicidal, using their weapon attack when they can. Special auto orders the character to choose an action from a priority list you can edit. For example, you can make Sill prioritize healing over offensive spells or make Merim only use Angel Mirror every turn (by filling the priority list with Angel Mirror). Target prioritization for special auto is still the same as full auto.

Stamina Edit

  • If you end a turn without some character moving or acting, the character will automatically rest and gain stamina.
  • When a character does not have enough stamina for weapon attack, you can move and recover stamina by moving and trying to attack. This also works with spells, but the spell that you tried to use will be on cooldown.